Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Today I will walk into town and vote for my favorites. Normally, being not remotely interested in politics, I vote for the best looking. It typically is as accurate as voting for a party. I am not seeing cute this election unless I consider the Tina Fey look alike, so I will probably just do einy meany miney moe to pick the leader of the free world.

Here is an artist's interpretation of John McCain. This second picture is a closeup of the first. The name of this is McCain Mosaic and is done by Diana Bracy.
Obama Mosaic is done by the same artist. It appears as tho' it is fused and not quilted but I could be mistaken. This technique is one that Diana learned in 2003 in a class taught by
Tammie Bowser called Mosaic Quilt Photography and consists of a technique of smoothing out the edges of a mosaic to make the image appear like a portrait. Where Diana makes it her own is by using such a varied choice in color. I think it is very striking. These works aren't large; maybe 20 x 18 if i had to guess.
This comical voting quilt is called Who's Counting? and it is done by Eileen Doughty.
The next seven quilts are done by Fran Soika and appear to span about twelve years in the making. The quilt show had a separate section for political works and these by Fran really caught my eye. I am guessing that because it is an election year, a portion of the show was set aside for these quilts.
Election 96
Mission Accomplished
Fat Cat Band
Texas Bar B Que
Dirty Hands
Heads Will Roll
Good Willy, Bad Willy
All of these quilts are pieced and appliqued and are borrowed from the collection of Edward Larson.
I find it hard to take that just because we are voting for new politicians that my evening of House, Biggest Loser and the elimination show of Dancing With The Stars will not air. Some things are just not right.


Cindra said...

Seriously, haven't we watched enough politics? Just e-mail me when it's over... I am so burned out! It seems as soon as we elect them we are disenchanted with them... maybe because nobody can possibly deliver everything they promise.
Love the quilts!

Anonymous said...

einy meany miney moe just might be the best way to pick our president, but that's what's wrong with the whole process. People who don't take the privilege of voting any more seriously than that. Men and Women have given their very lives for this privilege! If that is the best anyone can do the best thing is not to participate at all! My suggestion, save your energy! Yes, anonymous,

Del said...

I agree with Anonymous - if you can't be an informed voter, don't vote at all.

spikemuffin said...

Best stuff I've seen in a long time. Nice to see some revelance in the artistic world.

Diana said...

Thank so so very much for Blogging about my Fabric Mosaic Quilts of both Obama and McCain. I was surprised to see it and I thank you, again.

Yes it is thousands of pieces of fused fabric and layered like a quilt. The binding was handstitched.