Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Girls At Play

I tried to video this and it's okay but it's done on my regular camera, not a movie camera. What I hate most about ever doing this is that I HATE my voice. I never could stand the sound of it and everytime I hear it, it shocks me a bit.

Bella is quite the agressor to her cousin but Grace Kelly can hold her own and if anything, she is the dominant dog. They are all so exhausted that Bella puts herself to bed by seven p.m. It's pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun. I think you have a wonderfully deep warm strong was a bit apprehensive thinking it would sound like a peep-squeak a tv newscaster voice...hate those....they all sound the same...monnnotonousss.

Thanks for the video...really neat.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen these Christmas cards?

Cindra said...

Your voice is deeper than I thought it would be. Isn't that strange? I never think of what someone's voice would sound like, but if I ever hear it I am always slightly surprised. I hear their writing in a voice in my head. I like your voice... it has laughter in it.

Rian said...

Your voice is deeper than I would have thought--it does not match your face. I hate my voice too, it is a high-pitched little-girl voice. And doesn't carry at all in a crowded room with a bunch of boozers.