Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Reads

Let's talk books; cheap books.
These coffee table books cost two dollars. I am not big into Irish art but I can't pass up an art book for two bucks and anyway, every now and then I see something that really catches my eye in a book like this.
I have to admit, even tho' I have a minor in art history, that I have never heard of this artist. The colors caught my eye and will be a good read when my eyes are tired at night and I need to look at something besides Law and Order reruns.
Of course, I couldn't pass up a Jean Ray Laury vintage quilting book.
And yesterday, I was wrong. It wasn't a buck a bag, it was $5 and I had to give them change for almost two bucks because I didn't bring enough muhla. This is the stash I got for $5. Good reads for me and my company, and they can take them with them for these prices!!!


Cindra said...

Great finds! You are a heck of a shopper!

Beth in TN said...

I see one in that pile that I read and liked--"Lucky." I have "The Friday Night Knitting Club" sitting on my shelf but haven't started it yet. Let us know if you read it and if it's any good!!

Anonymous said...

What a haul! I am a book addict too and love them cheap. I must be Amazon's best customer....seriously, I'll get Christmas presents from Amazon at year's end, and they aren't my only source.

Went to my Library recently, where they have their 'for sale' books at the door, $1.00 each. I picked up 5 and as it was near closing time, the Till was closed. The Library Assistant said I could leave the books and pick them up the next WEEK when they reopened. I blinked, thought my brain was out of focus and almost burst out laughing. For you see, sometimes people are so stuck in their old lane that they cannot see or think any other way.
So, I said to her.....woman (no, I didn't say that, but I thought it). How about me giving you these $5.00 that I have in my hand and you put it in your little drawer until the next Library day. Well, she couldn't get her mind around that. It wasn't the way they do business. The man standing next to me could barely control his urge to laugh. After a lot of deliberation, she decided to check out the books, keep the receipt and the money together until the next Library day...WHEW! Just how much more difficult can we make each other's life!
I did see the man outside and he had this big grin on his face, though he said nothing. Neither did I!

Now I am off to search the www for that Jean Laury quilt book, the addict that I am.