Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodbye To Houston

Here's how my day went. I started to get up at 3:43a.m. and then again every five to fifteen minutes until I vowed to myself I would not get out of bed for the day until it was light out. I cheated just a tad when I finally got up for the morning at 6:29. I proceeded to take a shower while at the same time making coffee in the little pot in the room , even though there was only decaf (four packets in the room and all were decaf; some sinister plot, I'd say) . About a minute into the shower I had this vision that I didn't put the cup in. I dismissed that thought immediately and finished up. I had the cup under the machine alright but on the wrong side. A side line here if you please; the tray ( stop.... I am going to take a picture although this is now the next day but you will get the drift)

was made to hold exactly two cups because the left side is for one cup and the right side is for two cups. I had it dialed for one cup but unfortunately I put the cup on the wrong side. I am guessing this has happened before because the lost coffee went conveniently the unit tray with plenty of room for the second cup too. This whole setup was made for dummies who walked away while the coffee was brewing with nothing to catch the brew. I am probably not the first person to do this, which makes me happy.

Having only decaf after this messy to clean up debacle, I decided to go to the Starbucks in the lobby. In line behind 15 or so I was listening to the choices my compatriots were choosing to have with their java; chocolate croissant, banana nut muffin, pecan roll, you get the picture. I was saying the all too familiar mantra, 'Tommy - a minute on your lips, forever on your hips', so as I got closer to my latte I got stronger with each passing sour cream blueberry muffin I saw get bagged and I asked for two coffees (one for now and one without milk for later and then at the last minute I ordered, drum roll... a banana. I got my stash and headed up to my room for a few minutes before I had to head out to class. The beautiful banana that caught my eye in the din of the lobby was more than a little bit green in the light of day in my room. Even today, upon leaving Houston, it is still inedible.

The travel plans today to go to Florida to meet up with G and Bella have elongated into an all day (12+hours) less than pleasurable time(canceled flight, bla bla,bla). All the ATM's in both the hotel and the convention center are all out of money. I had to hit JeanAnn for some cash.

The trip was a blast. I bought lots of fun stuff that I will share with you later. The show was amazing and I have a million pics of them to share. It'll be like you were with me; just without the sore feet. Others chose to scoot around the show. What a pain in the ass they were. If you weren't being run down by them, complete with more shopping bags than you would have thought possible,
then you were totally blocked while they decided to park the bulky machine and head off on foot, once even blocking the entrance to Frieda and Laura's booth. We tried to move it but the key was gone and it was in park. Later, after I left Frieda to her own devices, she managed to get the thing out of the way. They were truly a nuisance. Are these gals colorful or what?


Anonymous said...

Your antics are hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

I never leave comments, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog!!

You're the best......

Anonymous said...

Are Americans getting fatter and lazier???blink blink!!! You should see European women riding their bicycles well up in their 80s! A gardening centre that I visited, the owner's mom was 92 and still riding around the neighbourhood on her bicycle and it had 2 wheels not 3!!!She would ride down to the centre, hop off the bike and ask if she could be of help, then proceed to put plants onto wheelbarrows and push it to checkout for customers.

Bicycles are their main source of transportation, supermarket shopping etc. ALL year.

I baked toll house chocolate chip cookies last night(recipe from the internet). Two trays, 1 tray baked for the recommended 11 minutes, the other for 9 approx. I prefer the result for the 9minutes. They were gone in an evening and just now a 'trailer' inhabitant asked for more, so I'll bake a batch again tonight. The ice-cream scoop makes very big cookies!!! The recipe is very similar to that of the Better Homes recipe. Toll house has more sugar.