Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Preparation for the Thanksgiving Day feast are under way. After checking out a few leads I got through the blog, I settled on the Perfect Macaroni and Cheese

by Martha Stewart. The only difference is that I am making it using panko bread crumbs rather than the bread as suggested by Dee. The elbow mac is prepared and all the cheese is grated. I did that last night. The cakes are cooling and will be assembled later before we head to the burbs for the chow down. I have my pesto thawed and ready to prepare.
I also have my helper right here on my desk this morning as per usual. Her routine is to get up about an hour after I do (with G) and go out side and then either join me at the computer or sit on G's lap while he reads the paper. She has on her new sweatshirt from PetCo to keep her little body warm in this cold weather. I don't take it off and on her; it will stay on her until it needs a wash and will be replaced by a clean one that is waiting in her drawer. Yes, she has a drawer. Bella is not much for clothing but she does love a nice sweatshirt, just like her mom.

Now my only decision to make is whether to hit Kohl's at 4 a.m., Carson's at 5 a.m., JoAnn's at six along with Target, Walmart and lord knows where else. I have a knawing feeling that I will not get up for the early bird sales. I have never done it in the past so why break tradition? Happy Turkey Day.


Cindra said...

Bella looks wonderful in her navy sweatshirt!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have looked at all the early bird sales, but will probably pass, too. Sleep sounds pretty good.

Anonymous said...

...and a very bountiful Thanksgiving it seems you will be having in the 'burbs..and contributing such yummy things!
...hope it is all that you wish for (assuming you will win the wishbone tug)