Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Houston On The Park

I still have tons of quilts to show you and will do so when I am a bore and have nothing else to show you but right now I want to share a Saturday in the park. The day before we left Houston, Anne and I went out of the convention center for lunch, following a rumor that the little restaurant down the way had fantastic sweet potato fries.
We went to the Lake House and were not disappointed. The food was excellent and the paper products were all compostable paper and were again recyclable.

The chicken sandwich was terrific and of course I had to try out the regular fries. Great too.

This little park outside the convention center is brand new; it wasn't here last year, I've been told. They have a man made pond for kids to man boats on with remote controls.
Check out this little pagoda in the park that is made out of license plates!!!

Because it was Saturday, there were lots of families in the park and all sorts of things to do like painting on this big piece of canvas.
This section was set up for kids to make their own terrairium's. They put soil and seed in a see through plastic cup and invert another one on top and tape it closed in the center. The kids were so proud of their plantings. Great idea.
This beautiful sculpture was rigged somehow to give off a cloud of mist.
There were kids hopping in and out of the water jet park. They loved to sit down on where the water shot out of .
While checking out the menu at the Lake House restaurant we noticed a beverage called basil lemonade. I went 'yuck' when I read it and so did Anne. When we were walking around I saw what I assumed was the concoction on a table and asked the patrons if it was indeed the lemonade. Yep, it was and she insisted on taking out our straw and having us sample. We both still said 'yuck' but the girl liked it. It's what makes the world go round.
Check out the new berming in the background with the little plantings all over it. It is actually the covering of the ramp that takes you underground to the parking area. Very clever.
This young lady and the bird on her shoulder (Johnny) drove into the park on this

tricked out golf cart, loaded with game supplies for any and all kids to use. The golf cart is one of two that were decorated by the local high schoolers. It took about four years to complete.
All of these 'jewels' are embedded in silicone.

It is indeed a large undertaking. You could literally keep looking at it forever.

The more you look at it, the more you see.

The darling girl insisted that we hop on board so that she could take our picture. What a fun day in the park.

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