Friday, November 07, 2008

I Knew You Were Comin'

Let's see. Who's coming today? My sister Mike, my college roommate Maggie and her dog Gracie, Regina and her hubby Bruce and my brother Bill, his wife Claudia and their youngest Bea. Counting us, that makes eight adults and three dogs. That should make for a good weekend. The relatives will be here for a week and I haven't planned one thing. I have decided to wing it. I am gonna make a crazy breakfast casserole which I will share with you later and I am gonna make a batch or two of chocolate chip cookies. I have cooked lots of chicken breasts and don't know what I will do with them yet. Chicken in a salad, chicken salad?
I purchased these six steak knives on line because I needed them down here in Florida. When they were delivered, I couldn't help but notice that the size of the box was not appropriate to the size of the knives. This is why.
Along with a 20% off coupon on my next order I got six other things (spatula, tomato slicer, kitchen sheers, a citrus zester, a cutting board and a knife sharpener- the same brand as the knives) as a gift with purchase. I have never seen so much stuff given away for one purchase. It makes me want to order something else, and I guess that is the reason for all of it. They saw me comin'.


Anonymous said...

Resist resist, they're trying to get you hooked!!! I never seen such a ridiculous amount of gifts either. Those knives must have been veerrry expensive.

My dd's friend loved the chocolate chip cookies and asked for the recipe. Last night I found chocolate chips in the supermarket (not a readily available item here). This morning I sent her the recipe and 2 boxes of chocolate chips held together with a rubber band. DD says she is so happy!

No idea what you can do with cold chicken breast except maybe a salad with veggies and pasta perhaps.

Now, back to my yard work.

dee said...

I adore the Henckels knives. They cost a fortune but are worth every penny. Used to buy Wusthof but I liked these even better.
Nothing like good knives in the kitchen to make cooking much more enjoyable.
Will there be a Regina sighting?