Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Sure Felt That

We have been keeping ourselves busy while we have been together. The guys golf everyday so we feel it's only proper that we get some stuff done.

We decided on making some sort of vessel out of wool by felting. Here we have wool roving and wool yarn.
I really didn't have anything on hand to shape the roving around so Regina had the idea to make balls out of hand towels and keep their shape with rubber bands. It sounded good to us so Genie went to work and made five balls. We wrapped three thin layers of roving around the ball, trying to keep the layers perpendicular to each other.

With that completed, we secured it with wool yarn and then got it wet with water and dish washing liquid. Now it was time to manipulate the wool to get it to meld together.

We tried throwing it on the paver bricks. It worked but got old real fast.

We got down on our hands and knees and rubbed our form (the wool) in bubble wrap.

Even a wire mesh waste can was not safe from the felter's grasp.

Forty five minutes or so later (and just in time to meet the guys for lunch) our little bowls/works of art, were complete, except for the embellishments which are still to come. We put paper toweling inside of some of them to soak up the excess moisture. Everyone was very happy with their accomplishments. I am proud of my girls.

We met up with the menfolk for a late lunch and then went out on the course to show the girls a couple alligators. That crazy old Uncle Bill decided he wanted to 'touch' the gator, so as any good sister would do, I obliged. The alligator was close to a ten footer. We tried to get Maggie or Claud or Mike to go up and have a photo op, up close and personal, but they weren't havin' it.

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