Saturday, November 01, 2008

Important Stuff For You

I have loads of photos of quilts and I will show you them all but not quite yet. IQA has asked anyone who posts pictures to also give the name of the artist and the work. It is, of course, the right thing to do so I have taken a picture of the write up of each quilt prior to taking the quilt photo. That involves more time than I am currently willing to expend. Also there is a comfort level of being on the desktop rather than a laptop for all of that.

But I can show you other stuff with a minimum of my effort. One such picture is that of JeanAnn's bed. I went into her room for a visit and low and behold

I found out that she sleeps with her fabric. Poor excuse for a man but hey, what ever floats your boat!!!
Here is a purchase that I saw tons of people buying so I had to have me one. While latte and gelato shopping, Frieda and I happened on
the Super Shami Wow booth along with the original sales guy that is on the commercial. He was a doll and was actually laughing at something vulgar I said and therefore didn't get a full face in the pic. We were gonna take another but Frieda thought that if her picture turned out okay then she wasn't taking any chances on another.
Here is some new art in a garden that is in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center where we spend all our time. Ann said that they weren't there last year.
This sign is on the bottom of the following picture so I am guessing that the red study is called Synchronicity Of Color -Red. The date on this is 2008.
Here is the blue one. They stand in opposite sides of the park.
This light was another very popular purchase.
Check out the Ellen Medlock website. Her stuff is very cool. This is a package of heavy cardboard hoops that you can design your own bracelets and/or watches.
I think this would make a very good craft to do.
This purse pattern as well as the strap connectors came from Ellen's booth too.
I have always wanted one of these little itty bitty lights for reading. Now I have one.

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spikemuffin said...

You met the Sham Wow Guy!?? Now I'm really impressed. I hope you scored some samples for me. You're living large now!