Monday, November 24, 2008

In The Light Of Day

Upon closer inspection to the house I noticed a few touches that definitely were not mine. One example would be the big red bows tied to my bushes outside. I don't do stuff like that and they are now removed. In fact, randomly putting up red bows, and in particular the already tied store bought bows, just seem wrong to my sense of decorum.
This saying on my kitchen chalk board is decidedly not my handwriting. It looks very suspiciously like my housekeeper's eastern European hand. You will need to click on the picture to see the writing better. I noticed a few other touches that Rima supplied that I could tell were done by her. Sometimes she just can't help herself and she needs to redecorate. I try to explain that I am trained to do this type of thing but some of what I say always gets lost in translation. (Humm. That would make a good title for a book.)
I just walked by a little assembly of snowmen and thought I would share the two favorites of mine. First is this almost melted guy. He is so darn cute.
Next to him stands, leaning on his snow shovel, my second favorite. He doesn't stand straight up due to the slant on the bottom of his feet. He takes a minute to catch his balance each year at this time but after that, he is good to go.
The outside planters are coiffed and ready for the holidays. In my style of decorating, less is more.
This was another left behind decoration that I will be delivering back to the florist. It's quite lovely and I hope at the time of the house walk it had something live in it too.

Even the screened in porch was not neglected for the yuletide. The fake evergreen and cones match my centerpiece exactly. I will add fresh evergreen and I think that I will keep this one. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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