Friday, December 05, 2008

IQF Again

I don't know what's gotten into everyone but all folks that are due to have a colonoscopy are coming out of the woodwork. I went to a party last night (yeah, without my camera. What was I thinking?) and all the talk was (started by me, of course) putting off the procedure. I was really surprised that there is so much fear about the whole process. And to add to all that, the local doctors that do that sort of thing are friends of everyone and very visible. That does indeed complicate things. I feel like a pied piper.

I think we will go back to Houston this morning. I am due to show you other stuff but don't want to take the time (busy day) to find the stuff on Picasa and the Texas file is looming right before my eyes so let's go back to the show.
I just love the name of this quilt. It's Configurations VI - Salsa City by Norma Schlager . It does remind me of all things hot and spicy.
This is aptly called Owsley's Owls, and the artist is Maria Shell . I always wish I had a close up after I get home to see how these things were done.
This is called Miss Lola McGurk by Nancy Arseneault. Another close up would be fitting to see what is going on in this quilt.

This is Trees; aptly named, by the late Joan Frantz.
This is wonderful. Quilts like this make me want to try doing real objects. It's called Easily Distracted by Marcia Stein.

Here is another that you feel like you are invading someones privacy. What are they talking about? Fresh Outlook - Joan Sowada
This piece, David, done by Teri McHale is a very interesting approach to a pictorial. It looks like every body's teenager.
Finally !!!! A closeup.


Jeri is said...

I'm standing on my soap box this morning, screaming to everyone out there about colonoscopies! My mom had one done in April '06 which was normal. In Sept. '07, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, that had spread to her liver, lymphnodes and lungs. She died in June '08.

I dreaded and put off the procedure myself until her diagnosis. While the prep is not a whole lot of fun, the procedure is over before you know it and you have no memory of anything. I had some polyps that needed to be removed. After what my mom went through during the last year, I now want to have a colonoscopy annually, but my insurance will only pay every five years.

People, get your colonoscopies. Do it for your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends. Do it for yourself. Just do it.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

I could enlarge Lola McGurk enough to read all the text. Pretty funn.

Anonymous said...

Good on you!
Whatever it takes to get the information out to your friends that this procedure is very doable.
Tommy, I don't usually comment on blogs... who knows why... but your blog is fun and lively and throughly enjoyable. Thanks for sticking with it for so long.

norma said...

Hi Tommy, I'm so glad that you liked my quilt, "Salsa City" and glad that you gave me credit. I had fun making it. It's part of a series of configuration quilts.

Anonymous said...

What impresses me most is the intricate quilting, machine or hand, which goes into these quilts. The incredible patience of these quilters to persevere and produce such precise work.
Fantastic quilts, this lot.

Anonymous said...

Colonoscopies used to be a really big deal, but are becoming routine procedures like mammograms. Plus more insurance companies(like mine through CIGNA)are paying for the entire cost as it has definitely proved to be a lifesaver.

Renee said...

Love the quilts, thanks for sharing! The amazing quilting on some of these pieces just amazes me!