Wednesday, November 05, 2008

IQF Miniature Quilts

Here is a cross section of the miniature/small quilts that were displayed. This first one was done by Pat Holly and is entitled Himalayan Garden.
Leigh Elking finished up Earthen Waves with metallic thread play.
Mission: Impossible? by Kumiko Frydl.
I saw this Miniature Baltimore Album quilt at my guild show in the spring. It still takes my breath away. It's artist is Alison Krall.
Bluebirds in Paradise was done by Mariya Waters.
Laura Wasilowski did this little ditty called Housing Department #7.
My friend Pam Morris did this called Ground Zero: Now Cool It #1.
Sherri Culver made portrait quilts for her three friends for their 45th reunion. This one of herself finishes the group.

Another self protrait takes a less formal attitude by Kathy York in this Self Portrait '08.
Finishing up we have Dancing Ribbons by Cindy Richards.


Anonymous said...

Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your new President. The other contender wasn't a choice, sorry. I know you must be disappointed.
Americans must now pull together, work together and make it(change) happen.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Good to see you again in Houston, Tommy. I can hardly wait to get me AccuQuilt dye cutter too. Hope to see what you do with yours.

dee said...

Thanks for the pictures. One day I will get there-I hope.
Those miniatures are amazing. Wish my eyes were good enough to do that kind of work anymore.