Monday, November 03, 2008

IQF Quilts

I'm home in Florida and it took awhile to crop the 400+ pictures of quilts I have. I still haven't unpacked yet but it's not going anywhere. Something is screwed up in Picasa and the pictures aren't in the order I placed them in. I will just have to wing it. This was voted Best of Show and awarded $10,000. It was done by Sharon Schamber and is titled Spirit of Mother Earth. It is machine pieced and machine appliqued and quilted. It has over 25,000 yards of silk thread.
This quilt is Flower Power and it is done by Philippa Naylor. It won Machine Artistry and the price was $5000. It is free motion machine quilted with trapunto.Here's a look at the back.
This won Founder's Award for $7500 and was done by Deborah Kemball and is named Trellis of Red Flowers. It is machine pieced, hand appliqued and embroidered and hand quilted.

This was done by by Susan Stewart and is entitled Oriental Lace. It won best in Thread Artistry and was awarded $5000. It is digitized embroidery as well as digitized free standing lace and free motion machine quilted.

This quilt was done by Fumiko Ohkawa and is called Log Cabin/Kaleidoscope Two. It won an award but I didn't have that recorded. It is machine pieced andhand quilted.
This won an award also but I don't recall what. It was done by Megumi Mizimo and is titled Spring with Delight. It is hand pieced, appliqued, embroidered and quilted.
Another award winner is this quilt done by Rita Stefenson called Twilight. It is machine pieced, invisible machine applique and machine quilted. It is dyed and painted by the artist.
This quilt, Seasonal Sisters was completed by three quilters, first individually and then finished up together. The quilters are Helen Godden, Annette Hendricks and Gail Thomas.

They got together in Colorado to assemble and embellish and quilt the finished award winner.
This is Annette's panel and I am quite confident that she was the model because I know her and she looks like this.
The quilt has just about all techniques that you can have on a finished piece.

This was the raffle quilt for this year. It is called Autumn In Indiana and was done by Phil Beaver.


wpritchett said...

Beautiful quilts Tommy. Phil Beaver was a speaker at our guild meeeting a couple of years ago and gave a weekend workshop. His work is just fantastic -- helps to be a retired art teacher! He's from Brown County.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the 'Augenschmaus' Feast for the eyes.

Whilst perusing the pictures, I noticed that the machine-made quilts seemed to make the top prizes. Do you think the sewing machine industry is behind this? Farewell to handmade. I hope the ladies who made those beautiful hand-stitch pieces won't get too discouraged.

Cindra said...

Wow! Those are impressive!!!