Monday, November 10, 2008

It's A Dogs Life

We took the dogs to Doggie Park. Mike didn't bring Chai down to Florida; mainly because she booked her flight before she got Chai so she took a picture right before she got on the plane and plopped it in a frame and we took it everywhere with us. Here's Bella guarding it with her life.

This little pooch is Grace Kelly, my college pal Maggie's dog. She is a delightful mix of a couple pure breds that escape my mind right now. She lives on the other coast and therefore is used to the Florida sunshine.
We took the girls down to the beach for a romp. They all get along famously.

The timing for the annual Blessing of the Animals couldn't have been better. There were four clergy representing all different denominations ready to give their blessing.

Even little Chai's photo got a sprinkling of holy water.
Bea's proud parents opted for the female reverend.
Check out six year old Arthur, a big great dane. I could have rode him if I had my saddle with me!!!!

We couldn't all get into the golf cart or the car so we opted to go in both. On the way home we saw the menfolk stranded on the side of the road. We neglected to charge the cart so Bill grabbed hold of the car for a block or two and when concern about the damage to the car, he

just sat down and let G push him home. Life of Riley.


dee said...

I had to laugh the way it looks like Bella is ignoring the picture in place of the real thing. Very funny.
Have fun!

Cindra said...

I am having a very difficult time feeling sorry for the guys.

LOL! Life is good.