Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Piece In Progress

Did you know that in order to clean and condition your rotary mat, you can actually give it a bath!! You are to put your mat in the bathtub and use 1/4 cup white vinegar (yeah Frank) and a couple of drops of a mild dishwashing soap. Using a mushroom brush or other mild bristle brush, create a lather and gently clean and condition your mat. Rinse the mat and let it air dry or dry with a Turkish towel. The mats love moisture. It helps keep them supple (love the word supple). This info from Charlie's E-Z Mat Cutters, a distributor of Olfa products that we met at the International Quilt Festival.

Here is the design wall progression and change of the piece I started yesterday. I

keep changing the layout of my little pieces but eventually some form formulated in my head
and I started to go for it.

This isn't sewn together but this is the idea of what I want the piece to look like. Now it's a matter of getting the thing sewn together.

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dee said...

absolutely delicious colors-love it.