Friday, November 21, 2008

Quiltingly (Borrowed from Kay)

Here are some of the quilts that I have quilted in the last four days.
This is one I showed you a couple weeks ago that I started. It is now all pieced and quilted.Here is a closeup. None of these have names as yet.
Although this work is in two pieces, it is considered one. None of these are faced yet. That will have to wait until I return south after Christmas.
Here is a closeup.
I have had this hanging around waiting for some attention for quite a while. Finally I quilted it.
Here's a closeup.
This is another relatively new piece. Again, it has no name and is quilted but not faced.

Here is the closeup. Are you tired of my saying that?

The big piece I was working on yesterday (double secret) has turned out relatively well except for part that I didn't like and I spent Ugly Betty, Grey's, and ER ripping out part of the quilting. It is currently resting, damp so that hopefully some of the holes from the stitching close up a bit so I can start over on that part.

I am waiting until 10 a.m. for the library to open because after a week of a book sale, today you can fill up a bag for a buck. I am giddy with excitement!!


Anonymous said...

Your hand quilting is gorgeous! You should do more of it - except now that you have the new machine, maybe not?


Natalya said...

beautiful! i especially like the mauvy, pinky with yellow one...

Owens Family Adventures said...

Love the quilts...the colors!
Getting a bag full of books for just a dollar is my idea of Heaven! I love to read and devour everything and anything. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

The hand quilted quilts are breathtaking...and seem "perfect" to me. You are a marvel (and NOT as in comic books)

Enjoy those bag o' books too!!


dee said...

Just gorgeous work Tommy! I especially like the first and second piece. The colors are so beautiful and fresh looking. Springy...happy candy colors in the first. Colors like a bag of jelly beans. Love them.