Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Pictures To Share

We are heading out to the art fair today and maybe get in a little outlet shopping. The weather has changed dramatically here. Yesterday was sunny and 80° and at dusk it rained strong for a short time and then the wind came. This morning I woke to a very cool (50's) and very windy morning. I am guessing if we have this type of weather, elsewhere has to be much more inclement. Winter may be upon us. Time will tell.

Here's some current pictures I have taken that I would like to share.
Here is Miss Bella, high on her perch, practicing her winking.
Bill and Claudia have left us but their smiling faces remain long after their departure.
Here is Bea after we cut her head hair and then adorned her new bob with some ribbons. The second she was away from us (and she tried, she tried) she did one good shake and the ribbons were on the floor.
Here we have Claudia trying out samples from the plastic surgeon to see what type of change she was really looking forward to.
The only problem with this type of try-on body parts is that you can't get a good idea of what it looks like from the front. I told her to make a choice and take her chances. I think she's decided to go with my suggestion.
This is my new purse. I thought it was so cute I couldn't resist. Ain't it darlin'?
One day we left Bea, Bella and Gracie home to fend for themselves and when they saw the car come up the drive they got more than a little excited. This is one of the two screens they destroyed by their little paws going crazy. The three of them had to take the screens down and haul them to the hardware store to be re screened. They were none to happy with their punishment.
This fish is made up of Coors wrappers and bottle caps. Someone had to do quite a bit of drinking to get enough material to create this masterpiece!!!
Every now and then birds will congregate out in the inner coastal waters. There must be hundreds to make a white carpet this big. It was too far away to get a good shot.
Miss Grace was not safe from the hair cutting scissors. We (Mike and I) decided that her ear hair was too long and gave her a bob too. She was a much more willing client than Bea. She decided to get prone and watch Grey's Anatomy (her favorite show).
I walked into the kitchen and found these two PIGS in a very unladylike position. Prior to this they were a couple yards in proximity to each other. Hummmm.


teri springer said...

You are spot on about the weather....I woke up to snow on the grass. Most of it has melted but it's still snowing and blowing so hard the birds are sitting on the east side of the feeder to stay out of the wind.

Love that the piggy in front has a big smile....



Anonymous said...

I see Claudia's neck now, looks ok in this picture...LOL..just the regular middle age neck.

Naughty pigs!