Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Stars

I forgot my camera on Thanksgiving and so yesterday when we caught up with Peter and Maria in Chicago, I got it back. There were several pictures on the camera but I will only show you the best.

The only kid in attendance was my barely one year old niece Paige. She was inundated with adult affection but she appeared to be no worse because of it. Even Harley the dog (big black thing) couldn't get close enough to her !!!! Her three little girl cousins were celebrating Thanksgiving elsewhere and they were surely missed. Ya need a baby around to keep things light.

While I was stressing on how to package up the two cakes I was making (I stopped off at my niece's and gave her a cake and mac and cheese) for the hour and a half trip to my SIL's house, I said something out loud and G was nearby. He said, why not assemble the cake after you get there? It was genius. I would have felt every turn and bump and been bitching the whole way and it wouldn't save the cake from the big slide anyway. I mentioned this to him and he said that it was tho' I read his mind. He said he just wanted to save himself the ride from hell. It worked out perfectly. All was ready except the assembly. And frankly, I think the cake was adored all the more for the presentation of it's composition on the spot.
Isn't it lovely? And it tasted just as good. I had the layers cut and the filling made and the caramel waiting to be nuked and the nuts chopped. I always take my food for my hostess on a dollar store tray when ever possible with this
sticker on the underside to let them know that I don't need the tray back. On containers that I want back

I put the sticker that is my return address. That way, when the mess is cleaned up, everyone knows who gets what back. This was the mac and cheese ready for the oven. It was very good but I have to say to Martha, that it takes twice as long to heat up and melt (and not cold to start with) and when I make it again, which I will, I would put three times as much cayenne as she suggested. It needed a little more kick and usually I would say it needed salt, but with all that cheese I think it was the pepper.

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dee said...

Not much could take my eyes off that adorable child but maybe that cake....yes, I think that cake could do it. Yum!
Glad you had a wonderful day.