Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Work Load

There has been a lot of activity at my casa in the last week. Besides never missing a meal. and our favorite shows, we have managed to get some projects knocked out. My sister Mike was gifted (for some kindness she did, no doubt) , a
bag pattern, some yardage and a round of jellies (small lengths of corresponding fabric). Within two days she had made, not one but two darling satchels. One
for her and another for me. All I had to do was supply the yardage because there were enough of the jellie fabric to go it again. We have decided that these would be wonderful to take shopping (not food) to hall around, say, a scarf here, a pair of earrings there, ya know. Thanks Mike.

This gorgeous bag was also made my Mike from supplies she brought with her on the plane. It is to haul her rotary mat to and from quilt classes. It even has beautiful cording in the seams. I notice she didn't have enough to make me one. Hint hint.

Maggie isn't so much into the stuff that we are, but man, can she provide for us. She has taken it upon herself to make our dinners, complete with cleanup and even a set table. It's been a long time since I have had this kind of service and I am lovin' it. This is last night's dinner of pork tenderloin that is pounded down, seasoned, slathered with pesto, roasted red peppers, baby spinach and a little bit of shredded cheddar, which is rolled up and tied and grilled. Man o' man, was that good.
Armed with the 50% off coupon, I picked up this Ultimate Sweater Machine from JoAnn's. I made sure I had my receipt in case it didn't work out.

Even the assembly done by Mike and myself was tricky and after we knitted our first row, we were beaming at each other. It was very short lived. The thing is a waste of money. It is now reassembled, EXACTLY as it was in the box at the store and ready to go back. We so loved the concept and would love to know if there is a good knitting machine that doesn't break the bank. Any ideas? Oh, and check out Bella on the sewing table. I just noticed her myself while typing this.

Claudia has herself, taken up knitting. She has had a couple classes and is doing amazingly. I couldn't teach her because I am left handed. Oh, and I have no patience. There is that.

Here is some progress on a new scarf. I think she is still in the knit stage and hasn't learned purl yet. She can cast on and bind off and can now see when she has turned her work the wrong way, which to me is the hardest lesson to master in knitting.
Today we are going on an excursion; the destination is yet to be determined.


Mechelle said...

I agree on that knitting machine thing - I did the same thing you did! I don't think there is one that's good & under a bazillion dollars. The knitting bug left me when I moved to FL, who needs a wool sweater down here???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another peek at the FL studio! Those pork tenderloins look maahvalous! Glad to hear everyone is having a good time - as usual!

Irene said...

Looks like Bella and her cousin and friend agree with Ben - the floor is no place for a dog!

Anonymous said...

Claudia needs to get her neck/throat area checked out by a doctor. Looks suspicious to me.