Wednesday, November 26, 2008


DWTS ended just as I predicted. Everyone I know wanted Lance to win but that just wasn't gonna happen, and all in all, the best dancer prevailed. I didn't watch the first hour due to the Biggest Loser conflict but I am pretty sure I didn't miss much.

I don't know where the morning went. One minute I was up before seven and the next it was after nine. I have been perusing cookbooks for ideas for Thanksgiving. I have selected my contributions to the annual chow down.

This cake, with video , will be the pumpking dessert I was asked to bring. I am also making chicken angel hair pesto pasta, which is a requirement due to a couple of my nieces that love the stuff. I still haven't decided on the another side I want to bring,. I am thinking that maybe I should do mac and cheese. I am thinking this because I have NEVER made it in my life. Now I am not saying that I didn't open a thousand of the mac and cheese boxes for the kids when they were young. To me, that isn't making it; plus that orange powder wasn't really cheese was it? It was the kids favorite tho' and took no thought or work to prepare. The perfect meal.


Beth in TN said...

There was a woman on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" who made a mac 'n' cheese with 7 or more cheeses that looked like a heart attack waiting to happen. I'm pretty sure somebody published her recipe (although I'm sure it wasn't "Cooking Light" magazine!) Maybe you can find it online.

dee said...

Martha Stewart's Mac&Cheese is the best on the planet. It uses lots of fattening things including a couple of great cheeses and cream, panko crumbs on top make it crispy and crunchy. If you're going to bother to make M&C-there's nothing like it. It's on her website recipe collection.

Happy Thanksgiving Tommy

dee said...

P.S. the Bobby Flay one is on the Food Network website.

Cindra said...

Oh, now I wish I hadn't read all this. My menu was settled...darn it. These all sound so good!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!