Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 Pillows

TaDa. I got the call from California and so now I can unveil this years pillow. There are two varieties. The reason for this is that last year I was at the dollar store and saw darling door hangers and thought to myself,

' Tommy, you could spend hours making something comparable or you could spend the buck and sew these Santa heads on a 14 x 14 inch pillow. '
And that is exactly what I did. I first cut out the pillows sides (before sewing and stuffing they measure 15 x 15), and before I sewed the two sides together I sewed down the semi flat face of Santa and then I just tacked the center of the top thingy that goes on the doorknob. I invisioned that I would have to sew it down by hand, and I wasn't apposed to that but in the end it just didn't need it. I was going to remake the hat so that there was no hole in it and then I thought, Why? And so I didn't. Now you know pretty much what went on in my brain while pondering all variables.

As I have probably said before, the original list of pillow recipients have changed since it's inception, in 1987, partly due to family insanity and just general parting of the ways due to moving, kids, whatever. But the basic list of pillow getters hasn't changed that much. The only way you get on the list now is to be an offspring of the original list that has gotten married. Therefore, next year, due to a wedding in the Miller family, the number of pillows will rise to 30. Maggie has been getting a pillow since college (I think) so she made the list a while ago.The pillows always have the date on them somewhere. This year it is embroidered on the back. They are all 14 x 14.

When the house was on the Humane Society housewalk I displayed my pillows on the longarm table because it was one of the few times that it wasn't loaded with crap. You can see most of the pillows by going to 12/2005 archives. I know I can link you to it but I am just too lazy.


Irene said...

Those are adorable!

Cindra said...

You are a creative genius!

Anonymous said...

WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA for this year's pillow?!?!?
Unbeatable, and a truly wonderful tradition too.
I can always depend on your blog for a good laugh......however which way!

Jeri is said...

That is one brilliant idea! I need to rush to the dollar store and look for some hangers!


dee said...

Oh! I did see them in one of your pictures a while back. So Cute. You're a wonder.