Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chai Turns One

It was interesting at the Gingerbread House Party to try and keep everything edible off the floor with two little dogs looking for fallout.
I'm a thinkin' that Chai managed to find himself a little something. I just hate the thought of the dogs getting sick from eating something like chocolate that fell to the floor. Everyone was on high alert to be careful and they were.
Chai is a character. She loves toys and bones and her and Bella are always in competition with each other.
In this picture, Chai is looking up at Mike as she is talking. It looks like she knows exactly what she is hearing.
On the day after the party, Chai turned one year old. We had a big old party, complete with gifts and a hat (made out of a Christmas tree). She was none the wiser. Not the smartest tool in the shed, but very very cute. Happy Birthday Chai.


Cindra said...

When I die I want to come back as one of your dogs... they sure do live the good life!

Irene said...

Happy Birthday little Chai - and tell your Aunt Tommy to stop saying not nice things about you - especially within earshot!