Monday, December 01, 2008

Cyber Monday and IQF

I must have been in a fog last year because I can't recall ever hearing the term Cyber Monday any other time before yesterday and when I went online and typed it in, it was everywhere and this was not the first year. Sometimes I think I live in a cave all by myself. Not watching news or reading the paper may have something to do with it. Oh well.

I worked on lots of stuff in the past three days; I made four cakes for G to take to the office today; I had a craft session with Micky and she is now busily making gifts for Christmas for the whole family. I also finished up some work and started a couple Christmas gifts myself. I sent out (via email) the invites for my Second Annual Gingerbread House decorating party. The thing that is so cool about email invites is that you get immediate gratification. If I sent out a little card yesterday I could count on the girls receiving it at least by Wednesday. With that I would know by possibly Friday that some of the invitees were free and willing. With email, I had eleven positive responses by the close of the day. It's a better way to go.

I think that I will travel back to Houston today. I still have so many quilts to share with you that it will probably be next year and I am STILL showing you them. I love to revisit them myself.

Beauty From Within - Renee Haddadin This beauty warranted some closeups. Check out this quilting.
If memory serves me correctly, there is actually stippling in the individual feathers. Truly amazing.
If I spent the rest of my life on one quilt, it couldn't even stand a chance next to work like this.
Fragrant Memories -Rachel Wetzler This artist is a fellow PAQA member. I didn't like where it was hung at the show. It didn't do the quilt justice.

The Quilted Mantle - Jaynette Huff The following are two closeups of this quilt.

Sometimes I should of taken closeups on quilts that I just couldn't get close enough to

them to get good shots. Do you know that you can click on any picture on a blog and it will enlarge for you?
Through Ancient Portals - Mary Arnold The cobbles look so real.

Day Dreams - Nancy Messier Rarely do you see a quilt done from anything but a straight on perspective. Actually, when I first looked at this, I didn't see the chair. Then, when I saw it, I couldn't imagine why I didn't to begin with. I think it is because I was not used to seeing this view on a quilt. Very cool.


dee said...

I looked at the picture first and had the same reaction-double take. Nice work. I really like the one with the cobblestones. Lovely.
Making gingerbread houses at Tommy's...that sounds like fun.
After the horror that happened here two days ago-I'm with you. No more Media. I WILL enjoy this holiday.

Cindra said...

I always enjoy looking at people's creativity. It offers so many perspectives. I don't know if I will ever get a chance to go to Houston, so I live vicariously through your photos. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The quilts in today's blog were absolutely breathtaking....and to think they are QUILTS; mind-boggling for a sew-on-a-button-type person like myself!

Del said...

Clicking on a picture only works if the picture has not been moved after being posted to blog. It took me over a year to find out why some pictures are not clickable. Big frustration.