Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eat Up; It's That Time Of Year

Things around here have been crazy. The weather has been the cause of most, and it seems to catapult out of control when the first thing happens which causes the second, etc, etc.

First up was my housekeeper Rima. She has been in the United States for nine years and I have had the pleasure of having her in my partial employ since then. She is from Lithuania and had to leave her two children behind and have not seen their mother for those nine years (except for webcam); that is, until now. The government lifted some restriction in the fall and all of a sudden the kids were coming on December 16th for a month. They got to the International Airport and are happy and healthy --WITH BELLA ! Rima asked to take Bella to show to the kids and I acquiesced. She was supposed to return yesterday but with the radical weather, it is postponed until Monday or Tuesday. That's way to long to be without our gal. The kids (a son, Vaidas,19 and a daughter, Edita 23, who is also traveling with her boyfriend but I don't know his name) were to come here yesterday and I had the food made, the projects planned and all that has changed. I froze the panini and put the chili out on the porch but will probably refreeze that as well.

And to put the day completely in the crapper, I was supposed to get my new trade-in longarm yesterday and waited until 3 p.m. to call and ask where it was. Of course, in my heart of hearts I knew that it was in Janesville, Wisconsin under a barricade of snow like everyplace else. Righto !!! Now the plan is to get it on Tuesday.

Now that I have got at least some of my ranting done, I will share a Bobby Flay recipe for a Gingerbread Trifle. It starts with blackberries that are combined on medium flame with some sugar until they are soft.

You can't tell from this picture but these blackberries were the size of my thumb; very large and beautiful.
Then into the blender the blackberry/sugar mix go to be pureed.
After that, they are strained to remove the seeds. The sauce that remains is flawless. It is combined with
fresh lemon and raspberry liqueur and set aside.
Lemon curd (purchased) is combined with freshly whipped,
sweetened, heavy cream and then the two are folded together (oh, save some whipping cream for the top)
lightly to form a mousse consistency.
Into a trifle bowl goes my homemade gingerbread (it tastes heavenly) and then the layering begins.
Gingerbread, curd, blackberry sauce, and repeat.
It is very rich and delicious and very festive. Here's the recipe. ' Tis the season.


Beth in TN said...

I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at the trifle!

Irene said...

Hope you get your girl back soon. I couldn't imagine our house without my baby for so long.

Diane said...

what kind of longarm are you getting? The trifle looks great! Snow? This is my first Christmas in Florida and I am so confused, I have never experienced a HOT Christmas, I have had warm ones, but this is strange.