Monday, December 29, 2008

Fondue Christmas

For some reason, we spend a lot of time deciding on the menu for Christmas day. Gordon chose this years theme - Fondue. It seemed that it was very hands on and everyone could participate. That got me to thinkin'.
Aprons. For the girls, I chose a cute little vintage package that was on sale at JoAnn's. Then there was the males to consider. I decided to use up some of my Marimekko fabric on the lads and settled on a simple garden type of apron.
With the aprons all done I had to think of what to fondue. Oh, I guess where to fondue was the first step. Fondue pots (electric) came to mind. They would also make a fine parting gift for each family that spent the meal with us.
I went on the Internet and found the cheapest electric fondue pots with free shipping. With a swipe of the mouse, half my Christmas shopping was complete !!!
We decided on two different cheese pots. Here are my two M's mincing away.
G, my brother and G's brother were in charge of the meat - pork, chicken and beef - cut in bite sized pieces.
While everyone else was chopping away, Peter found something to play with. That's my boy !
Maria's mom joined us this holiday and it was great to have her. Here she is, with my sister and Evan.
Hey Claudia ! Where's your apron?
There were two cheese pots (did I already say that?), an oil pot and a broth pot. The vegetables were already blanched for ease of fonduing (is this a word?).

We had chocolate hazelnut for dessert along with the usual suspects for dipping - cakes, dried fruits, fresh pears, marshmallows - with whipping cream and ice cream on the side.

Would we do this again? Naw.... Fondue is for a smaller group. Then there's the problem of the electricity clicking off all the time because of overload. We thought everyone getting involved together would be a good thing, and it was, so all in all, it was fun to do. Next year the consensus is to have bar food. Yum.

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Cindra said...

Any food at your house is a good time, Tommy!