Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goin' To The Chapel

I have so much to blog my head is swimming. I will start out with this engaging couple. They have been married for 36 years.

I had to remind G this morning that today was the day. He said (in shock) that this is the first time it totally slipped his mind. Are we getting old or what? Well, he is anyway.

Little notes of interest:

1. We were both 22 years old

2. G was in the army (drafted out of college) and almost couldn't make it to the wedding

3. I made my dress and tatted the 22 yards of lace on it.

4. Yes, at the time this was in style so stop laughing

5. My college diploma and my marriage license both read as happening on the same date. The wedding was right; the diploma not.

6. There was an ice storm on our wedding day. It was one of the most beautiful days I can ever remember. It didn't stop anyone from getting to the church or reception.

7. G had a hangover and a zit on his neck

8. And I married him anyway !!!!

9. We spent the night of our wedding counting money.

10. It took.


Irene said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

dee said...

Happy Anniversary Tommy and G.

Cindra said...

LOL! I love the honesty. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Truly...Congratulations to two lovebirds who are still chirping for each other. It seems to be a
rarity in today's world!


Anonymous said...

Tommy and Gordan,
Happy Anniversary! What a darling picture! You both look sooooooooooo young! I love your dress and the fact you were so creative then... and now. When I was 22 years old I think I was in Butch Mc Guires looking for Frank.
Have a great day. ellie and frank

Natalya said...

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

You've shown this picture before...I think....you both looked darlings. You, super cute. Did you even know what you were doing????Jeeezzzzzz, 22yrs?

I mean, I was only 21 and looking back I wish someone had the sense to knock some sense into me. I certainly knew what the word divorce meant and how it was used.......LOL......
We are going on 33yrs. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Oh, 1 question: Do you still have your wedding dress? If yes, how about some close-ups of the details like the lace etc.?

Corky said...

Congratulations on 36 years! We celebrated the same milestone in September and my dress was demure like yours. Times sure have changed.

Jeri said...

congrats! (zits and all...) lol