Monday, December 22, 2008

Murder City

If I chose to send out Christmas cards this year, the front of the card would look just like this. I chose not to. Every few years or so, I just get a hankerin' to not send them. I refuse to use stickers for the addresses and my disgusting arthritic hand said, 'hey, take a year off' . So, that is exactly what I have done. Back to the picture; that Santa hat was on Bella's head approximately 3 seconds before she shook it off. That's why God made 35 mm SLR cameras !!!!

I am busy making my holiday candy (which I have already blogged season after season) and filling all the tins to distribute today.

I need to share some Chicago facts with you that were in the paper and caught my eye (or rather Gordon's and he passed it on to me.) Although we have a Governor out on bail, GQ magazine calls Chicago City of the Year. We have almost 500 murders this year, which is about the same as New York only they have three times the number of people living there.

The first murder conviction that used a fingerprint as proof of the crime was in Chicago in 1910. The newly painted railing at the scene was all the evidence they needed.

When Richard Speck murdered eight nurses, did you know that it wasn't even the lead story on the Chicago Sun Times newspaper and it was a shared top story in the Trib? Only in Chicago. There are lots of facts about murder in Chicago but my favorite is this - taken out of the Tribune.

Mob-connected race track operator Ed O'Hare cut a deal with federal authorities in the 1930's. If he informed on organized crime, his son Butch would be appointed to the Naval Academy. When the mob learned of the fathers treachery, he was shot to death. The son became a Navy flier, won the Congressional Medal of Honor during WWII, and disappeared in the Pacific during a mission. O'Hare International Airport is named for the son, but it owes something to his crooked but loyal father as well. Who knew?

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