Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Other Girls Of Christmas (The Four Legged Variety)

The last of the company has just left and now it's the cleanup; not that everyone didn't keep the house dapper, but with six bedrooms (one made out of necessity in a storage room), there are a few things that need to be done. First tho' you need to see the other girls of Christmas.
Here we have Beatrice and her cousin Chai, looking to see how many of the gifts under the tree are for them.
Bea kept waiting for Santa to come. We told her about the whole chimney thing, but she was having none of it and insisted on keeping vigil at the door.
Little did she know that if she just turned around she would see Santa in all her glory; complete with a moving hat and a belt buckle that lit up.
When Giget came to spend Christmas dinner with us, she was welcomed with open paws. We had thirteen humans and four dogs; we definitely had to watch our feet while preparing dinner. Now Bella is catching on some much needed shut eye.

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