Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shrinkage Followup

My friend, who shall remain nameless but I will post this quilt that he/she did of himself/ herself (I am guessing in one of his/her darker moments but I like the people on his/her shirt and for no reason but to show that he/she does indeed have talent) sent me this email and I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

It is probably a prerequisite for work in the Indiana DMV that you must have a relative who works in the Wisconsin DMV.

Does any of this sound familiar???????????

I don’t think they are allowed to smile.

And of course they can’t do anything without asking at least 3 other people if this can REALLY be done like this.

Of course none of this can be done until you have waited at least 2 or 3 hours so that you are so ready to say or do anything (including not accomplishing what you came for) to get out of there.

You think your number is coming up soon as it is only 3 numbers away – but then you find out they are working from 7 different lists of numbers they call from.

All of the above are 100% factual.

Next time bring along a friend, a book, some knitting, your sewing machine to pass the time.

As to proof of residence . . . in FL just to open a measly bank account we had to bring the deed to our house and I can’t remember what all else. They sent us back home twice for documents.

Did they ask for your paid real estate bills? The car titles? Your car insurance papers? If they didn’t they’ll ask for one at a time each time you visit so that what with being closed for the Holidays, etc you may not become an Indiana resident for years and years!!!!!!!!!!! (This statement is just a guess so don’t take it as gospel – they may want more they may want less)

My son and accountant wanted me to become a FL resident and I declined.

It may be easier to get a drivers license in FL, but I knew if I ever wanted to get one again in WI I’d give up before getting one.

Isn't he/she/it? a hoot?

Maybe you should become a Minnesota resident – they don’t have a wait when you get there and I hear they are even pleasant.

It might be easier to just move the company, your house, etc to MN.

Of course you’d freeze in the winter – but you could just stay in FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

OMG - I feel sorry for you and your friend.

Anonymous said...

Major cities here are now requiring vehicles to have an environmental sticker on the windscreen (don't ask). (Another freaking way to take money???)
Now, this is beyond my pea brain because we have to get exhaust emission tests before the car can get its roadworthy test. Stickers for these are already on your plates, as well as a sticker that you paid your taxes.
Yesterday I walked into IKEA and there just beside the entrance door, was a stand doing brisk business. You showed them your car papers (presumedly you have it in your bag or wallet, it is folded small), and they give you this (for now 1xtime sticker)for ONLY $5.00. My guess, is that it will be a yearly requirement....soon.
But you are not allowed to drive into many city centres without this sticker, in most cases. DAMN!

I am wondering whether each city will require that you get THEIR sticker first outside of city limits before you are allowed to enter. What a GRAND THEFT ride these municipals are on?