Saturday, December 13, 2008


Did I tell you that I was in my favorite store, Anthropologie, to check out how they decorated for Christmas last weekend and they told me I couldn't take pictures of their store interior?

I got off two quick pictures before the reprimand (from someone just over her teen years) but after I thought about it and commented to others it didn't seem right. What do you think? Now that I think about it, I am gonna ask my daughter. She may know. I know that there are parts of exhibitions or for that matter, whole galleries that don't allow pictures but in a retail chain store? It saddens me because the stuff they do in the stores is totally worthy of sharing. This first picture is made up of thousands of bulbs that start a garland the goes across the store and where it is hooked to the ceiling it changes to paper chains. These chains are in varied sizes and had to take hours to make.
These multi sized chains go from very little to maybe six inches in link size. They feed to the check out wall where the cash wrap is and just go into the wall like they had broken through. They even had some effect (out of paper or cardboard) that simulated tearing through the wall. Very cool. After being chastised, I lost my interest in shopping at the store and dumped the stuff in my hands (which was difficult; very good deals on vintage kitchen tea towels - $1.25 marked down from $8.95) and left the store. I am still sad about it.

Let's get on with it. I went back to take the driver's test after reading the booklet for a half hour or so (bored me to death) and even before I took the test I gave the same brain dead clerk my parcel of papers and found out that not only do I not have the right thing from the social security office but my proof of residence doesn't cut it anymore. Do to the fact that all our bills and for that matter all correspondence and packages are delivered at our workplace, there isn't anything with the address on it and my name. On the bright side (that was her words, not mine) you can take your test again because 'I can see here that you FLUNKED' it before. Head hanging in shame, I took the test to the prerequisite spot (where cheating WAS going on) and answered my questions. This time, I was flawless but not nearly as cocky as the last time and was happy to get out of the place. Except for employees, I think I had more teeth in my mouth than all the other patrons combined.

I decided to wait until I got my SSN card in the mail rather than go to the office again and take a number and wait. Plus, there's that hair issue. When does it look good enough to look at in a picture for the next few years? The card came yesterday and so I will have to once again go down to the office and see what of my papers have changed so that I once again get sent away to preform yet another menial task to be worthy of driving in Indiana. Ihave a Comcast bill from last week but all the bills come in G's name (I think it's the, he works and I don't kind of thing). Maybe I should take the marriage license, a wedding picture of us, the kids birth certificates and their wedding pictures. In fact, maybe I will just gather up all the family and hightail it down to the DMV. Actually, how to I prove that I am still married to G? Now I am just worked up enough to possible shower early and do something with the hair and face and go down to their office today. Ah, but then I looked out the window and it is ugly out there and cold and I am warm and cozy (and dirty) in my ill fitting sweats. I have changed my mind. I still have seventeen more days in Indiana. It can wait.

And here we have the red scarf. I was scolded by more than a few yesterday when I mentioned that I was gonna wash the scarf. But I did it anyway. It's what I wanted to do. If I gave the scarf as a gift (no, not you) and it couldn't be washed to retain it's bubbles, I would want to tell them. The worse case scenario is that I would have to re apply the marbles and rubbers. As you can see from this new picture of the washed scarf, you can see that yes indeed, the bubbles came out in the wash. Good to know. The choice in gifting this to either give it to a very clean person (which rules out family) or telling them that it will not retain it's novelty in the wash. I just had another thought. If you made it ten times as big you could go through the same process and dry it in a hot dryer and it may come out the right size with bubbles intact. Having ruined more than a handful of wool sweaters of G's taught me that lesson. If you want your wool sweater to fit an American Girl doll, throw it in the dryer.


Irene said...

Maybe this is a dumb question, but I wonder what would happen if you had it dry cleaned instead of washing it?

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you could stitch around the bubbles to make them stay after washing? How about plugging them with gobs of yarn and stitching around the circles? (On the reverse you would have kind of a polka-dotted effect...maybe?)

Cindra said...

How did your ssn letter get to you? Could you use that envelope? By the way, you know you are not allowed to smile for your Indiana ID anymore. It's that face identification software.

Anonymous said...

Can you call one of the utility companies and request a name change on the bill?
I was the one to set up accounts when we moved so my name is on several of the monthly bills that are paid with a cc.
just wondering?

pammy said...

The "Apartment Therapy" blog is ALWAYS running photos of the latest Anthropologie decorations. Maybe just print up a little "faux" business card with the name of a certain decorating blog on it and flash it at the person next time! By the time the person comes back from talking with the manager, you've got your photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you need to wash it really really hot and dry it on hot with the marbles in place to really set it permanently.

My second knitted project was a sweater made of fabulously expensive wool. It was just a square each front and back and squares for the sleeves. All sewn together to make a nice big pullover sweater. After knitting furiously and feeling really proud, I threw it in the washing machine and washed it on very warm. At the time, I was youngish and knew 'jack shit' nothing about wool and care etc.
Well, you can imagine the rest. I just died that day when I removed it from the machine and it was doll's size. Such a painful lesson.