Saturday, December 06, 2008

The State Of Things

I actually think there is a change in the air. No, I don't mean the complete thick layer of snow on the ground or the blasted economy. I mean a phenomenon that I actually experienced myself yesterday. I had a very solid day planned. Get up and do my roots and do it before G left for work so he could do the back (yeah, he does that). Then head to a nearby town to pick up a new foot I ordered for my sewing machine before my 11 o'clock haircut appointment. Heading toward the salon my car started ringing and I answered the call. It blew my mind. The charming girl on the other end of the line asked if I could show up for my appointment ten minutes later as my guy was running late!!!!! I was speechless! Accommodating me instead of them? I hit the dollar store and actually got to my appointment and didn't have to read every magazine in the waiting area!!!

After I was finely coiffed, I stopped by Micky's office and did a little gossiping (nothing about you tho'). I told her about the heads up call and she said that last time she was in the doctor's office she noticed a sign that read, 'if you are in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes, please notify the receptionist. Is it possible that the people that we are in need of are actually considering our time constraints and not just their own?

For some reason, taxes or whatever, G has decided that one of us has to be an Indiana resident and he chose me. That entails my getting an Indiana drivers license and plates on my car. I thought, I'm lookin' pretty darn good with the new hair cut; why not go and get the license today?' So that's just what I went to do.
I took my Florida license, my passport and some bills stating where I reside. I couldn't believe there was no wait. In Illinois you need to set aside a half day to get a license or renewal or whatever. I was informed that because I do not have (and haven't since college) an actual social security card that I couldn't finalize my new license until that was procured but I could take the 50 question test on the spot. I took my papers and my pencil to the designated area and proceeded to be chastised by an employee because I nonchalantly said to a neighboring gal that maybe we could exchange answers? No sense of humor here. Anyway, I sped through the test, guessing alot at some 'trick' questions and very pleased at myself for completing the test before all that were in the test taking area before me. The pleasure didn't last; I flunked. I guess, I should have not 'guessed' and should have known. With head low, I took my rules of the road pamphlet and slithered out of the room.

After that, I went to the Social Security Administration and via computer, got a number and sat to wait. The beautifully choreographed day was dwindling quickly. Eight people were before me. When it was finally my turn, all went smoothly until the gal asked me to check over all the information and sign a form. I scanned the document and said that all was fine except for the spelling of my name. In seventh grade I changed my first name spelling to Tommi rather than the correct Tommy by the urging of Nicki (yeah, she changed her spelling too) Wheeler who sat next to me in homeroom. I didn't let on the background of the spelling snafu but rather said that lots of people want to change the spelling of my name to accommodate that fact that I am a girl, and let the history go. She wanted my birth certificate which I didn't bring. I mentioned that to procure a passport you needed a birth certificate and therefore the passport should be all that was required. She did some grunting and tapping of the computer keys and long hard stares at me (with the cute new haircut) and finally released me as no terrorist material. I have a paper that states that I will get my SS card in the mail within 10 days. Now, all I have to do is read my rules and I am good to go. That was easy. Not.

I did get in a little shopping (a little something for you) and as I passed a storefront I noticed that it was set up as the North Pole. Upon further inspection I spied through the window and was taken back; were my eyes seeing correctly? Was that a dog in Santa's lap?

Yep. I went in and snapped this pic. I talked to the owners (nuts if you ask me) and they said that this little lady had the run of the house and they did this every year. I said that I too had a bichon and they corrected me and said that she was something else, that sounded like bologna (I wouldn't have been able to spell it without Oscar Meyer). Anyway, the dog on Santa's lap pretty much put me over the edge for the day. I went home to heavy drinking.


Anonymous said...

Golly! You are funny. I felt like I was with you for the whole day!!
You are a reincarnated Erma Bombeck.


dee said...

You are too funny. I loved everything except the whole SS# thing. I'm living the nightmare of trying to get a passport and it's really scarry. I think they want to deport me...eeeeeek, kidding...I hope.

Cindra said...

I had the whole Indiana snafu Social Security thing last year. For whatever reason, 27years ago my application to change my last name on my social security card didn't take effect and I was not notified.. (I got married.) So, years later they noticed and threatened to revoke my driver's license unless it was changed. What a mess. It ended up taking weeks. They mistakenly told thousands of us we could do it online, which was not true and we kept trying. I am legal now and the card is in the safe cause I don't want to have to go through that again.

Sheila in Ohio said...

You're a hoot!

Before I left Texas I renewed my license so I wouldn't have to take that dang test here. Still haven't, and prob. won't until it expires in 4yrs.

I work in a dental office and it makes me cringe to see clients wait. I would not be as patient as many of them are.

Anonymous said...

This and your quilts and cooking is why I read your blog.

Rayna said...

Not to belabor the issue, but a colonoscopy 8 years ago discovered my no-symptom stage 3 colon cancer and saved my life.

Mickey Depre said...

Regarding courtesy....Paul Sr and I have concluded that the one good thing that might come of this economy is the need for businesses to get back to the "customer service" aspect. Afterall all our dollars are so very important and portable these days.

BTW I love reading your blog...thanks for sharing.