Friday, December 12, 2008

Weighty Wooly Questions

My friend Kay lead me to a spot on her blog of how to use an old sweater to make a cool scarf. At first I couldn't get how she did it but after a little nudging from her and my rereading her explanation, I went about to make it. First was the trip to resale shops to get 100% wool sweaters. As I showed before, I was not disappointed with my booty for less than 20 bucks. Then it was on to buy marbles. I tried the kids section to find the kind my brothers has as kids but I couldn't find any amidst all the electronics and dolls so I went over to garden and found this sack
for less than $4. Then after a call to my dentist I found out where to get orthodontic rubber bands (the kind they use for braces) and headed on over
and was given four bags of the things, each with one hundred bands, for FREE !!! They are tiny little buggers
and they took me a bit to maneuver but after a while I got the hang of them. Then it was cutting up the sweater. I chose red just because I had one and why not?
I cut this front out from a turtleneck and then cut the arms off. I first cut the front in half and sewed the short ends together on a regular machine using a zigzag stitch. Then on either end of the front I stitched the sleeve portion on. That way the bottom of the scarf would fan out.

It was then that I was ready to use my newly acquired tools. Here is the start of the process where I stretched the wool around the marble and then secured it with the rubber band.
This took me at least a rerun of House on the tv or more. This picture shows one side of the scarf that is the top and the other shows what it looks like from the backside.This went into a mesh bag that I had to run out to CVS to purchase. With the setting on hot and with a couple beach towels and Tide I ran it through a cycle. Then I took it out (didn't lose a marble !) and let it dry on the counter. I took a couple marbles out and thought that it didn't look set enough so I washed it again and let it dry.

After it was dry I took out the marbles on one side. Here's what it looked like before and after.
Life got in the way and I didn't take the marbles out of the other side for a good twenty four hours. I am guessing that that is why one side is elongated and the other is not. Today I am going to do something that I fear will take place. I am going to wash the scarf and see if all my work will hold up under washing. I doubt the wool bubbles will retain it's shape. I know just enough about the properties of wool to be moderately skeptical about the holding power. I think wool has memory. If my memory serves me right, I know that it would shrink up to nothing when dried in the dryer. I may even try that. We shall see.


dee said...

gad, I hope it works cause that is very cool looking and the red is so

Anonymous said...

Hope it works! Remember, my jacket is red so black or grey would be nice!


Anonymous said...

Who the heck thinks up something like this??? Isn't there anything else of important to do in this world.

This is freaking awesome, can't wait to see your re-washed results. Would love to try it.

Found a REAL double fold Cashmere sweater in my closet this morning. Old style and a bit fuzzy, jeez, think of the great scarf it would make? Or maybe better not. I'll stick to the woolen sweaters I have waiting.