Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Weather

Today is the worst weather that I have seen in some time. The computer weather says it's -2° and that seems accurate but it also says that the winds are calm. The winds here are at least 40mph. It is shaking the house and that just never happens. I am almost scared. The sun doesn't even want to go out. Countdown to Florida - 10 days to go.

I could show you all the stuff that you can't see under the snow but that wouldn't be fun so I will show you partially sheltered
snow covered greens. This day reminds me of a vacation we took with the Morgan family. It was right after Christmas and the kids were in grade school and we were heading to Killington, Vermont for a skiing trip. We drove in caravan and it started out as a very fun excursion. That is, until the weather hit. Half way to Vermont a storm set in and I was scared to death. We borrowed my brother in law's van and we weren't used to it. It was unbelievable hectic and nail biting and we literally went about 10 mph for hours and hours. I remember someone saying something about 'will we ski if it's below zero and blizzardy?' Of course we all agreed. That's what we are going for, to ski and anyway, it won't be bad. Well, I am here to tell you that it was bad, very very bad. We did ski and were frozen and G's moustache was frozen and we took lots of hot toddy breaks. The slushy conditions took a turn for the worse and with 10 below zero temps, everything froze into a block of ice. We were literally trapped on a mountain. The condo's we rented were ski in/ski out, so, needless to say we were way up the mountain. There were no cars moving whatsoever. On New Year's Eve the adults got on our ski gear and slid down the hill on bath towels to a bar (this is a true story) not thinking ahead as to how we were gonna get back up the hill. After being fortified we took the road back up; walking, of course. It was a riot. We laughed so hard we couldn't believe what we were going through. Ah, to be young again.

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