Monday, December 08, 2008

You Are One Of A Kind

I've gotten more than one reprimand for not telling where I went on Saturday and Sunday. Sorry. We tucked Bella in at the sitter's and headed for a fun filled two days in the city to meet up with the kids (I love it! Now I have four!!) and friends, for catch up and to attend the yearly
One Of A Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart. I am never disappointed. The show is amazing. There were many different artists this year and that always makes it nice. There was something odd about the positioning of it this year. I found it almost impossible to take pictures. I have no idea why; maybe where the artists were stationed (opposite their booth) or maybe that I was traveling in an entourage but for what ever reason I got very few pictures. So I will show you a tiny bit of the show.
These cashmere scarves were very cool. I don't have any idea how they were made (Melody would know if she were with me) but they were beautiful and fun. Oh, and pricey. I think these were $165 each. Lots of lookers but I didn't notice anyone buying.
This artist wasn't around so I managed to get two pictures of her work, which I LOVED. In fact, it's hard to put a circle onto any medium and not get a heads up from me.
Her colors and textures were lovely to look at. Notice the puff pieces (hey ! that's a literary term too !!). I think she must have copied me because I made bulletin boards this way years ago. In fact, if I weren't so lazy I would find it in my archives where I blogged them. I may start filling out the bottom of the blog that labels the post; it would be easier to find old things. Who am I kidding? I can barely get my fingers onto the keyboard without getting antsy. Anything else to prolong the blogging process just ain't gonna happen. But I digress.

My girlfriends over at Things Of Steel has competition this year. These layered pieces are worthy of an art gallery. I was very taken by them.Speaking of the girls over at Things of Steel, here is Katherine and Michele's new Christmas piece. It's a cockeyed Christmas tree.
Here is the tree that they did in previous years. It was gifted to me by Micky for Christmas a year or so ago. It happens to be perched on a table that was done by these gals too.
It's all about the legs. Isn't it darling? It looks a bit crowded in it's corner but that's because I am in the process of wrapping my gifts. I think yours is among them.

Do you see a theme here where I managed to get the camera to work? There's that confounded circle again. This may have been my favorite booth. Most of this artist's leaded glass was done in old window frames.

On Sunday I went back to the show and met up with Micky and her numero uno, Joe, and we went back to the show. Gordon had a boys play date involving a brunch, the Bears game and a dinner. When we became weary from fatigue we headed back to Indiana. While leaving the Merchandise Mart we spied into a window

to see the biggest refrigerator I have ever seen. Oh, the MM is a place for designers where they have vast showrooms for everything home that you could want. It's mostly so high priced that I don't know anyone that is in this tax bracket but it's cool to see. You can see a reflection of a sink in the refrigerator's finish but there is a espresso/cappuccino machine built into the front. Who knew we needed that?

And last but certainly not least was the bathroom at Water Tower. I went in to relieve myself and noticed that

they had Dyson hand dryers. I had heard of them but this was my first time to see them up close and to use them. There is a blast of air that almost immediately dries your hands. No need for paper in this john. They really work. I'm all for green except when I have to resort to drying my hands on my jeans !!!!

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dee said...

Love, love, love the circle stained-glass pieces. I figured you were off having some fun somewhere. Sounds like a lovely weekend.
I guess if you could have a fridge like that you must also have a staff to clean it. I think of how icky it is to clean a regular sized one-that one looks scarry big. On the other hand, it's too big to lose any possible fuzzy science experiments in.

I really enjoyed your weekend.