Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Sick Of Key West Yet?

I am finishing up a new quilt that is heading out on a today deadline for postmark so I have to be quick. Hence, are you sick of Key West yet? How can a person go there for five days and get a week or more worth of material out of it? Just watch me!!

This is my friend Nancy. We raised our kids together and then when they headed to college, she and her husband headed for Key West. They never looked back either. They came back, on occasion but they have loved the transition from north to south. She told me that day at lunch when this picture was taken that she pulled the turtleneck out of the Salvation Army drawer due to the frigidness of the day. I know, she has no idea, right? Those Floridians have no clue.

This is the t-shirt that the bartenders at Aqua wear. It was so cute, I had to get one myself. Besides having a great group of people that hang at this bar, they also have some very very

tall drag queens. Maggie is helping to show the proportion of "Inga". I think her boot heels were five inches tall.
The general feel at Aqua is just a bit nutty and they had those trivia games that were hand held and showed up on the tv screen which I loved to play. They also had Wii bowling and other stuff. This guy seems to want Scotty to beam him up. Good luck with that, buddy.
I kept waiting for Johnny Depp to come ashore and save me from myself because as you can see, his ship was clearly close in proximity. This picture was taken at sunset.

We have company coming. Linda and Regina are coming for a visit and bringing their fellows with them (to occupy G on the golf course). Unfortunately the weather is not going to be the best, but considering where you are, they will be happy to be just where they are!!!

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dee said...

will there be a Regina sighting??
Maggie look great. Love our sense of humor...rock on