Friday, January 23, 2009

Back To Custom House

This is hard to believe. I have my opening page for the Internet customized in Google and one of the things I have is the weather for here, Chicago and Southwest Indiana. Here is what the temps read this very second; Indiana 33°, Florida 32° and Chicago 32°. Wow, now that's freaky. True, we will get considerably warmer (in the 60's) while the two northern climes will stay in the thirties but still.

I have started a new project and am getting an old one ready to photograph and send in for publication. I have decided on next years Christmas pillows and have even made tentative plans to start a portion of them. Add to that a trip to the groomer for Bella and you have my day in a nutshell.

Let's get back to the Custom House.

These sculptures are also done by J. Seward Johnson. This one, 'Shaping Up' is only slightly dated. I would update it with ear buds, some color on the running shoes and possibly a not so matched workout outfit, with lower waist than this one is sporting.
Here's a guy eating ice cream. I can't figure why one of his jean legs are rolled up. Any ideas?

What a touching little family. It appears as tho' dad just got home from the office and is greeted my the kid and missus.

Here we have a jaunty painter, committing something in his vision to canvas. Maybe if I get another angle I can see what he is painting.
Eouw, what's that? Nudity? Woah, Nellie.

This is called DayDreams; it's a young man lying in the grass probably dozing and dreaming. Hummm. There seems to be someone invading his space.

That would be me. I was getting prompted by all sorts of folk when I got up on the people friendly sculpture. This pose was supposedly me dancing but just staying upright on the uneven surface was a chore.
This pose was egged on my the crowd. Personally I would have never chosen such a questionable stance.

Now I go into action and try to roust the boy. I think he needs a Heimlich procedure.

Matisse came to mind when I saw these voluptuous ladies prancing around so I went to my art books and pulled out this one about Henry Matisse and his work. Sure enough, I quickly found
what I had in mind. It was first done in 1932 and it's called Dance. The bodies are very similar. Pretty cool, eh?


Cindra said...

I think the pant leg is rolled up for riding a bike. You two are hilarious and dangerous together.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised they allowed naked figures and no one has attempted to dress them. Well, I guess they could be interpreted at being 'Native Americans' and then no one would be offended if they were naked.

The guy with the ice cream probably doesn't want it dripping on his pant legs........LOL.....

Got to rush to the Bank...but I'll be back.........LOL.

dee said...

This is so much fun and so like Key West. I love that place and it's been too long since we've been there. Must put it on the list again.