Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back To The Show

I have had major headaches with the computer in the last day or so. Something that has to do with cookies and there are scans running constantly. I never open anything that I don't know and it appears as tho' all is well, but the computer keeps acting weird.

Let's go back to Houston this morning.

This is Woods of Time and Space and is made by Akiko Shiraishi from Japan. Usually I can tell when the artist is Asian, and that's mostly due to the fabric that just has a subtle difference. I am assuming that more and more hand dying is going on there as it is in the States.
Again, this work is from Japan and is called Spring in Japan by Akiko Kawata. It is to represent
the Cherry Blossoms in the spring winds.
Extraction of Features, done by Ludmila Uspenskaya, is shown here in it's entirity along
with this closeup. There is no rhyme or reason as to what quilts I have closeups of. Sometimes it was the way the quilt was hung that I could get up closer and sometimes it was the movement of the crowd; if I was slowed down, I may or may not take a closeup. For some reason I feel like this sounds politically correct for me to say, but it is not the case. I just feel that some of the quilts that I liked the best do not have closeups and I can only fathom why I didn't take them at the time.
Just Ninety Degrees was created by Jo Van Patten.
This is as lively in person as it appears here. The colors just want you to smile. It is titled, It Takes A Village by Cynthia St. Charles.
Now this particular piece looked very Asian and on further inspection I read that although it was done by Vera Smith from Washington state, the fabrics are indeed Asian. The name of the quilt is Mieko's Way and the pattern is based on a block that was published in the Kansas City Star in 1942.
Last, but by no means least is the lastest work of Judy Coates Perez, intitled, Agave. I was happy to see this quilt and Judy herself at the show.


judy coates perez said...

It was great seeing you too!

dee said...

Judy's quilt is a marvel. Love it, and all her work in fact.
My computer has been acting up as well. Keeps sending me "program not responding messages and ending programs a lot. Roger gets rid of the cookies thing once a week for me so it's not that. It's really running slowly as well. Should have asked for a new one for Christmas.
Hope you're feeling better.
How's the gorgeous green top coming?