Friday, January 16, 2009

Crab Roll Ups

The girls are all asleep. Bella decided to get up at 4 a.m. to do some business (monkey, if you ask me)and noticed that most of the gals were still up. One girl, Kelly, soon to be a new bride, was getting a cold and went to bed early, armed with Emergence-E. Hope that helped cauz' I know that Cindra swears by it. We will leave the homestead shortly to the capable and well stocked young women.

Here's what I have prepared for them:

Banana Bread
Strawberry Bread
Breakfast Casserole (with garnish)

Corn Pie with Salsa
Block Party Salad
Broccoli Slaw

Cucumber Sandwiches
Garlic Cheese Puffs
Beef Wellington (with dip)
Mini Pizza’s
Blue Cheese Tarts
Crab Rollups
Grape and Brie Fritters
Mushroom Quiche

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Texas Sheet Cake
Better Than Sex Cake

Plus, they have a fully stocked bar (off limits to two of my little women that are with child), a deli of meats, cheeses and breads, with some ice cream and whipped cream thrown in for good measure. Oh, and I have hid the scale.

Before heading to Key West (frigid, I'm told) I will share one of the apps I have assembled.

Crab Rollups

20 slices of white bread
2 cans (6 oz.) premium crab meat
1/2 lb. Velveeta
1 lb. butter
Sesame seeds

Believe it or not, this is 20 slices of bread after the crusts were cut off and rolled out with a rolling pin. The stack went from 20 inches to 4 after rolled out. I am a bit on the nut side of things and I also cut the sides cleanly with a very sharp knife. Not at all necessary but it does neaten up the rolls.
Into a saucepan goes the Velveeta and butter (reserve 1/4th of the butter just to melt and use later) and it is heated until melted. It is one ooey, gooey combination. This concoction rests off the burner for a bit and then the crab (drained and checked for bits of shell) goes in and is mixed thoroughly, until the butter no longer separates.
Place a big ole' glob of the mix on the center of a piece of bread; it'll hold more than you think. Then roll it up with the seam side down. I do it assembly line, due to the dirtying of my hands.
See? this makes your hands dirty. You use that reserved butter to slather on the roll and then submerge the rolls into sesame seeds. I use two jars just because I can and then I don't have to be stingy or careful. I know, the rest of those seeds will be in a land fill. I have told myself this repeatedly and I still purchase two. Go figure. I then pop these into a freezer, right on a tray until they are frozen solid and
cut each roll into three sections to make them bite sized. I think when I made these way back when I cut them in fours but it just looked so pathetically small I couldn't do it this time. Back in the freezer these go, in a freezer bag to heat and eat at ease. Did I say to always have the seam down until frozen? I think that's a GOOD THING; they stay together perfectly that way.

I'm off to parts south. The girls are taken care of and now it's time to get out of DODGE.


Anonymous said...

These look wonderful. When you say "heat and eat" how long do you heat and at what temp? I'm not sure if they're just warmed up or baked.

You are an amazing mother to make all that food for the girls. And then leave town? They must think you're a saint!!


Anonymous said...

YOU are a saint!!!!

Cindra said...

I am offering myself up for adoption. I am potty trained and can make my own bed and do my own laundry.

By the way, if the cold has hit, take 4-5 Emergen-C's a day. If the throat is sore...put one in about two inches of hot water in a glass. So soothing and really works.

dee said...

Ditto what Cindra said but we sppliment with two or three Caps of Echinacea a day till better.

needlewings said...

those look amazingly awesome! I shall have to try them. Thanks for the recipe