Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Dog's Life In Key West

I was looking at photos to upload into the blog today and once again, the dogs seem to be everywhere so here goes a little more in the life of a vacationing dog (or two).

We took Grace Kelly and Bella to Mallory Square to see the sunset. It was really hoppin' down there and we ended up carrying the dogs for a bit of it just so they wouldn't get trampled. But they sure got attention. They are definitely a people magnet. Everyone wants to pet and touch and coo because most of the vacationers left their pets at home.
Not so with these two Bichon's. Jessie and Scarlet had the perfect spot to get a lot of lovin' and stay safe. They both looked very much like our dearly departed Mazy, only a little bigger.
We heard about the dog park and so took a little outing there with the girls. After all, it's not all about us humans. It's their vacation too.
I particularly love this sign. Like, duh, the dogs can't read. Okay, I'll leave it alone.
Upon arrival Bella was apprehensive what with her tail being down. That was quickly remedied but she was still a little self conscious due to her rather flat ears from the meds she has been taking for her ear infections. Hey, I explained that we chicks all suffer from bad hair every now and then.
Maggie and I had hopped out of the car to shoot some pictures and look who decided that she was gonna take over the drivers seat. I like a dog that matches the car, don't you?
When I was wheeling the cart loaded with all our stuff to the elevator when we were leaving, Miss Grace decided that she had had enough walking and hopped right onto the luggage. I had to fumble and find my camera while Bella's leash was all twisted around my legs but being the camera savvy person I claim to be, I managed to get the shot. She likes to travel in style. Too bad she wasn't perched on something more extravagant like Louis Vuitton rather than the Publix wine bag !!!!

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