Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globles

I was really looking forward to the Golden Globes last night. I even skipped the first new episode of 24 for it. Unfortunately I missed a big chunk of it due to faulty clicking on my part. Regardless, here's what I remembered (and that's a fete in itself). I will surely botch the spellings of the stars and for that, I apologize in advance.

Eva Menendez - wonderful necklace
Eva Longaria - dazzling red dress (my personal fave)
Drew Barrymore - darling
Anjolina - don't get the attraction
Sting and Springsteen - dyed hair
Sally Hawkins - (Happy Go Lucky) so thin it was hard to look at her
Renee Zellwinger - I loved her dress except for the openings on the shoulders

I was thrilled for the cast of John Adams; Paul Giamanti, Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson winning big.

The discription of Burn After Reading from Don Cheedle - he said it was a comedy about a fired CIA agent, two disfunctional gym employees, russian agents, filandering spouses and the quest for elective cosmetic surgery. Then he said, 'I know what you are thinking; how many times have we heard the same old tired plot'. It was very funny.

What was with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange hanging on to each other?

The president of the Foreign Press Association was on for less than 10 seconds. He just said welcome and that he wouldn't bore us with anything else.

I was very happy that Anna Paquin won. I have loved her since The Piano.

Ricky Gervace is a very funny guy. He took his beer up to the podium and went on and on that he wasn't nominated and that it was the last time he was gonna spend a year having sex with 200 journalists. I guess they are the one's that vote?

Colin Farrel sniffed while presenting and said that it was a cold, not that old reason.

That's all I can remember.


Melody said...

Those were my highlights too. I think Jessica Lange looked raised from the dead and maybe needed holding up.

Cindra said...

I didn't watch... I just looked at photos online. I didn't care for Renee's dress in the photo. I did love Mary-Louise Parker's blue dress. I truly loved Burn after reading.

Anonymous said...

I had to go look at online pictures, wondering what the oh la la was all about. My first impression was they all pulled down their window drapes and wore them to this award!!!!

Genie said...

How about January Jones' dress? I loved it, she acted at the Golden Globes the same way she acts on Mad Men. Trust me, I am a better actress. How could you skip 24 for the GG????? And another 2 hrs tonight. Funny, how everyone that shoots at Jack Bauer is such a bad shot.