Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today's cooking lesson is Grazers. You'll love them.

One loaf whole wheat bread
1 c. vegetable oil
6 oz. creamy peanut butter
2 T. sugar

First off, cut your crusts off. It's easier if it is frozen or cold but if you have wickedly sharp knives (serrated) like I do, it's not necessary. I do three pieces of bread at a time. Just make sure you have a light touch so you won't smash the bread onto each other.

When crusts are off cut in half the long way.
Cut these halves into four. They look like little bricks.
Into the oven go the brcks and the crusts. Bake about one hour at 250 degrees. You can stir them up if you like. I'm lazy and don't.
Directions say to bag the crusts and rolling pin them into oblivion but it takes for ever and I already had my food processor out so that's what I did to get them to look like
this. Into a double boiler (or a bowl over a pot of water) put the peanut butter
oil and sugar (I used Splenda) and heat up until it looks like
this. Then you take a few bricks at a time and quickly coat them and then throw them into the bread crumbs. Oh, you can supplement the crumbs with commercial unseasoned bread crumbs if you need more.
This is what they look like when completed. They are nummy and freeze well. As you can see from the picture, they don't all have to be completely covered with the peanut stuff. They taste just as good if they have a bald spot or two. Enjoy. There's more to come.


Maggie said...

The grazers are a personal favorite of mine. They can be deadly!

Anonymous said...

You are just too funny! You use a whole cup of oil but yet use Splenda???!!!
For information: Carbohydrates contain 4 Calories per 1 gram. Sugar is a Carbohydrate. Oil/Fat contains 9 Calories per 1 gram. Now which should you have saved on? Unfortunately there is no adequate substitute for fat in some recipes but using less won't make a big difference to the recipe especially where it can be partly substituted with water or applesauce or or.....
Ok, that is just what jarred me. Otherwise, I use Stevia.

dee said...

Super-and I have all the ingredients.