Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty Silly

I forgot to tell you something about the clay day. We were at the house to play with clay and the teacher gave us our clay and tools and for about an hour we were working. Before this time the teacher brought out her dog, a Maltese, I believe. It had on a onesie due to the fact that it was itching and reeking havoc on it's little body. The onesie was taken off to let the dog get some fresh air. Little did I know that when my supplies were given out, the teacher put the onesie down with my tools and I thought it was a clean up rag. She was looking for the dogs clothing for over an hour and finally came over to me and saw that I had been using it to clean my hands !!! I had no idea what it was, and using it for an hour pretty much ruined it. I felt bad and was good natured-ly jeered about the misunderstanding. Now, this was with all 'new' acquaintances. What a way to make a local entrance !!!! Well, anyway it was funny at the time. Actually, I didn't even feel bad because I was given it, even if by accident. Thankfully, the dog had more than one cover up. Phew !!! I think I will buy some dog outfits before I return next Thursday. It's the least I can do.

Speaking of dogs, here is my little recovering patient. She is still not 100% but much better. Before she was hiding where we couldn't see her (behind shams on all beds in the house). Now at least she is out in the open. The medicine for her ears has helped dramatically.

In preparation for the arrival of guests at the end of this coming week, I have started a cooking and baking marathon. I feel totally in my element.


dee said...

you crack me up. Pictures of the food???Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Hi tommy!
At least you know these new friends will never forget you or you name with a first impression like that.

Genie said...

Tommy, honestly that sounds like something I would have done. It was very funny.