Saturday, January 17, 2009

Key West

I now have three strikes against me. First, we are staying with our gals in a joint (I use the word correctly) that is charging $35 a night for a dog so we are being very coy and only copping to one dog. This is a bit hectic and if I had known what a pain it was to sneak around and all would I have paid the extra $105 for the three nights? Not a chance. The place is close to being seedy and that surprised me. We stayed at this exact place with Claud and Bill a few years ago, when Mazy was still around and Bea wasn’t and it was considerably nicer. The place hasn’t been kept up like it should. But it is clean and we are having a great time.
Strike two? I can’t remember now; oh, and strike three has escaped my mind too. That’s just the way the brain is working these days.
Maggie and I met up in Bal Harbor (by Miami) to dump her car at a friends and hop into mine for the five hour drive to Key West. Our little girls slept or fought in the back seat. We gabbed and got all caught up, making a few crank calls when we were bored and stuck in traffic. I have been to the Keys before and picking Friday afternoon to do the trip wasn’t the smartest thing we have ever done. They even have rush hour.
And we saw more than our share of oddities.
This one was in front of us so long I could take my hands off the wheel and grab my camera in the back seat and snap off a pic. Why? What’s wrong with the trunk or even the back seat. Check out the license. Typical. Illinois. I say no more. We arrived and checked in (ya know; sneaking) and then after freshening up Maggie and I said goodbye to our canine and headed out for some grub. We ended up at the Half Shell on recommendation of our cabbie and it wasn’t the best. Key West closes up early except for the bars and I think at nine p.m. we were the last diners and we were served the last food. I’ve definitely had better.
When Blondie wakes, we will have our coffee (my fifteenth cup) and be leisure and when half of my day is already over, Maggie will suggest we do something. I’ll keep you posted.

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