Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love (and Pamphlets) To Lupe

When I met Maggie as my first college roommate, she was from town but decided to get the college experience and live in the dorm. Through her I met Lupe, who was the first guy to be accepted into our all girls college. Since then it is totally co-ed. We have been tried and true friends ever since.

Lupe has been sick for awhile and so we decided to cheer him up during his recovery by making our visit to Key West as a mission. Not only did Lupe live in Key West for seventeen years, but he had two restaurants there as well. We thought that a little jog down memory lane would be fun and give us purpose to our rambling around the little island.

We took pictures of the two houses he lived at. Maggie even stayed in the turret bedroom with her son when visiting.

This was the other residence he had but it was so camouflaged by the vegetation that I could barely see anything and this picture proves it. I felt like a stalker.
We took pictures of friends that know him, places where he worked and hung out and even got notes from past pals. We started to gather up a couple things for a goodie bag to send him along
with the pictures and as you can see, it morphed into something much more. But what fun we had and all for a good cause.
We packaged up everything so it would be much more fun to receive it in anticipation and I made

a book for all the pictures. It seemed like the right thing to do rather than have an envelope full of photos. It ended up being quite a fat book

and it was wrapped up and put at the top of the pile of gifts in the box and marked, 'open this first'. It should be arriving at his house today. If he even knew how to turn on a computer I wouldn't be writing this today !!!!


dee said...

That's a very cool thing to do. He will be thrilled with his gifts.

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Maggie said...

Did he get it yet?