Thursday, January 01, 2009

Meet The F - Bradley's

We are back in Florida now, but not before we showed up for a party thrown by Regina
and her family in our honor. Well, she didn't say as much, but with all the hoopla that they were going through, I assumed it was in my honor. Here is Genie and her kids and old man. We have Jack, Kelly (my teen angel although no longer a teen), Ryan and then Regina and Bruce. Kelly is always trying to borrow my clothes. Okay, that was a joke.
The food table was mighty pleasing and was replenished constantly. Thank goodness for this party in my honor; I had nothing planned for dinner !!

There were sweets galore too. Here is a red velvet cake that was devoured in no time. Regina
made these cookies and after a heated conversation at my house about the cake that Kelly had on her sixteenth birthday (six years ago !)
Regina hustled around and got all the ingredients for the layered trifle cake and it too, was a big hit. All in all, my party was a smashing success and fun was had by all.


Cindra said...

Everything looks wonderful. I am intrigued by a card on the food table. It appears to be the rear end of something. Can you explain?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Sorry I missed your party!