Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mini Pizza's

I'll have you know that I have already started my leaves. I think that I will make two and if I like the process, then I will make two more. I started the sewing last night while watching the dog whisperer but the light or my eyes weren't good enough so I just turned off the machine and walked away.

As you can see there is some wash away stabilizer underneath and I am not sure if I will need it but I would like to have the end points of some of the leaf parts to go further than the fabric does and I thought that would be more do- able if it had something to hook onto. We shall see.

I have decided to give you a day off from Key West. That's not to say that I don't have a few more days of it to show you; I thought you might like a break. Which reminds me - someone asked me yesterday about Maggies wedding quilt. I guess I never blogged it. Shame on me. Well, I still can't. Due to the crash of the computer, I don't have those photos on this southern computer. That will have to wait until May or so. I hope I remember.

Lets make mini pizza's today. These are great to have on hand in the freezer and take no time at all to heat up, even frozen. I have to admit that if so hungry I can't see straight, I have been known to nuke them. Yep, I have and they aren't bad at all. Okay, let's get to it.

Mini Pizza's

Pizza dough (yours or purchased)
olive oil
sliced olives
sliced (or grated) mozzarella
salt and pepper
dried oregano

First off, I go get the dough from the bakery. I put it in an oiled bowl (I use Pam) and cover it with a towel and let it rise, to suit my timing. Sometimes it rises more than a couple times. Other times I am in a hurry and I proof it in the oven at the lowest possible heat. It's a sped up rise. Anyway, then I take out all the air bubbles and let it rest for a couple minutes while I am preparing the topping. In a bowl goes the mozzarella and thinly sliced tomatoes (guts removed and patted dry), along with the dried oregano and s&p (more p than s). Toss all this with olive oil and it's ready. Oh, open the can of sliced black olives.

First, roll out the dough, using flour to aid in not sticking to the counter and rolling pin. Cut out of this thin (1/8th or there abouts) dough, circles of about 1- 1/2" . I used the can from the olives due to the fact that I don't have any cutters down here. It's on the 'to purchase' list now, but for everyday purposes, the can works fine. then I remove the circles and roll them out again
both to make them even thinner and to mess with their shape. The pizza's are much more interesting when the shape is quirky. These are placed on a sheet pan that has a thin layer of cornmeal. I always use parchment paper on any sheet pan that goes into my oven. It's a cooking school habit but it saves lots of time in cleanup. In fact, while in Key West my visiting daughter and her entourage ran out of parchment. See? The apple doesn't fall far, and all that. This is the box of parchment paper that G bought me yesterday. It's a thousand sheets of full sheet pan size and I use my trusty old rotary cutter and cut them in half. To be honest, I cut a little more off too, because if I cut them just in half, they are still too big. While at the restaurant supply I asked G to pick up a couple quarter sheet pans. I have never had them but I have wished I had on more than one occasion. There they are, setting on top of the parchment box. I got three.

I did indeed digress a bit didn't I? Cornmeal isn't required but I like to use it. I must have learned it somewhere in my past.
This is the mix of mozz, tomato and spices. The olives go on separately. Try and brush the least amount of olive oil onto the dough. Then top it with one line of tomato, about three strings of cheese and then plop a slice of olive on to the top. These are smaller than my fist. Precook the mini pizza's in a hot oven (around 400 degrees) for a couple minutes. Pull them out when they
like this; partially cooked. I do this because I let them cool and then I freeze them. That way, when I take out a handful of pizza's out of the freezer bag for a snack and heat them up
they will not be overcooked and unpalatable. If you don't want to freeze them just bake until done. You can tell by looking at them and it's around ten minutes. I am not good at cooking times; I just look and go by sight. They are wonderful.

I have a couple of local gals (my new friend and another new friend) coming by in a bit so that we can make 'business' cards for them. Business is a stretch; they are cards with their name, email and whatever else they want on them. Maybe they are more like information cards. Is there a name for this new phenomenon of passing out your information on a card? I can see the use with all the telephone numbers, email addresses and websites we have. It's a convenience, that's for sure.


Beth in TN said... markets "Mommy cards"--for the moms who aren't in the business world but who need to pass on their personal info. Like for babysitters and such. Her designs are really fun!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I've done business cards for my grandchildren since they were about 3.
The businesses have been varied:
dinosaur hunter, artist, frog catcher, etc.
I have kept one of each and it's fun to look back now tht they are almost grown up.
Your new friends can surely come up with a type of business!

Randi said...

I will be making these delicious looking pizzas tomorrow. Thanks for more "The Art of Cooking with Tommy"!

Anonymous said...

I see you are doing a very fancy leaf....uhhhmmm. I drafted a regular leaf pattern today. The measurement 5 x 7 inches makes for a fat leaf.
I wonder how they'll be able to incorporate them if so many different types are made.....uhhhhmmm. A Ginkgo Biloba is also a nicely shaped leaf.

I went to the site but just quickly glanced over it....and didn't see any stipulations for a particular type or shape leaf...oh well!

Thanks for the mini-pizza recipe, I think you did those before. But that memory jog is good. I can make them for a snack box/aka school lunch box.

Melody said...

I like the info card idea, and since I am new to the community I made up cards with a closeup of my pieced quilt as the background. I handed them out to the quilt group and got a look like I was from Mars.
Maybe I am.