Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Key West

My card making adventure didn't go very well. I got all the basics on how to do it from my sister Mike. The last time we did it she was visiting. You think you can watch someone do something and then do it on your own; no, it didn't work that way. I could get everything in the card but I couldn't reproduce it onto the other cards on the page. I have left the finalizing (actually the whole card business)in Mike's capable hands. Now it seems that the computer doesn't want to send it to me. It's always something. Being a fan of the tutorial, I have decided to have Mike write out a business card tutorial for me and I can have it as a guest blogger. I'll say pretty please.

Today I am going to concentrate and finish up some almost completed projects. I want to start on something new but the looming unfinished projects keep staring at me. I have my leaves almost complete. They are relatively simple except in shape. I am not going to adorn them too much due to the fact that they will hardly stand out in a group of 30,000 even if they were encrusted in Swarovski crystals. And come to think about it, when did Swarovski crystals take over the world of sparkly? Everywhere and everything seems to make the grade if it has a Swarovski sewn on. Anyway, today is finish it up and neaten it up day.

Back to Key West.

Where else but Key West can you find pink taxi's? Down by the marina, I noticed this
beautiful boat with all the wood trim, not even seeing the cruise ship in the background until I got home and downloaded the pictures.
This mime character starts to move when you give him money. He traded hats with Maggie. It grew quite a crowd for a buck.

I happen to think that this picture needs no further captioning.
This is sponge man. He guards the front of a - drum roll- sponge store. I never knew there were so many. I normally have a tough decision between the scotchbrite with the scouring pad vs the plain multi colored packs. This complicates everything.
I took a picture of this coral and this article because I recently saw a show on the Discovery Channel about just this thing. It was very interesting and I did not know before the show that you could restock a coral reef, bit by bit.


dee said...

It doesn't look like all that additional boobage has slowed you down. You two crack me up.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Let me know how you do with the business cards. Maybe I can help.
My show opens is 3 hours and I'll be home after dinner.