Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rubble, Boop,White and Ford

This computer is so pathetic. It is empty. No favorites, no pictures, no files, nothing, nada, zilch. It could be any one's, it's so bare. I got it back last night and made a feeble attempt to download some pictures from a separate zip drive and now I have a few pictures to call my own. The problem I am having with Picasa is that Picasa has made folders to put my pictures in quite arbitrarily.

This shot was directly taken from my monitor in Picasa. It is folder 2006. I also have folders 2007, 2008, and 2009 that equally share the wrong sub files. Anyone out there know how to get these in the right place? I have tried everything. Oh, I also don't have any address book anymore. This is not good. If you want to hear from me, drop me a line so I can retrieve your email address. That would help a lot. Plus, I would love to hear from you anyway!!!

I found this by accident yesterday. I am in an old fashioned cooking mood and happened on this article about Betty Crocker. She is a totally made up character and as you will see from the following pictures, she changes quite radically, just short of Joan Rivers.
The current Betty is plainly dressed and adorned with a gold chain.
This Bette is the most contemporary and youthful of them all. I think I know her.
What happened in these last six years. She has gone from old to young !!
This was the year I graduated from college and got betrothed. We called this haircut 'the dent' and it was pinned in the 'dent' to stay in place. Anyone remember this style? What did you call it? The dame, oh, Liz, looks a little haggard but the blouse is right on; my bridesmaids wore something very similar.
This Elizabeth could be walking down the street as I type, she looks so current.
Love the pearls. Is this chick on Mad Men?
Now come on. How frumpy can Betsy get? What's with the hair?
Clearly, this Elizabethan gal is supposed to cater to the Edwardian set. You can definitely see that those guys in Battle Creek have tried to relate to the younger crowd over the years. But still, they stuck with the white blouse and red jacket. I found this change in Boop kinda interesting.


dee said...

The computer is a blessing and a curse. I'll send you an e-mail.

I was watching a really old movie the other day and a character said he was 40. He looked ancient. It's funny how old fairly young people looked back in those days. I suppose they will say the same thing about our generation someday. Of course that doesn't include you and I...heeeee. We're still babes.

Cindra said...

I love Picasa except for the way it controls how you save things. That drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a fun post. Three things they were consistent about: She (Betty Crocker) was always a white woman, her hair was always dark brown, (now we know she wasn't from Scandanavia) and her preferred colours were red and white....what a hoot!

jettstream said...

Aunt Jemima has had several transitions too!

Valeri said...

In Picasa if you right click on a folder and then look at properties (I think that's what it's called) it allows you to change name, date, etc which will move folders into order you want. Not having it in front of me I can't be more exact so hope that I haven't led you astray!