Saturday, January 31, 2009

Say Cheese

Now I am hooked on something new. It used to be Solitaire; then the computer game of Bicycle Bridge. As of yesterday is is Trivia Pursuit on Pogo Games. Linda and I played it in the afternoon, then went to dinner and resumed play when we got home until 1:30 a.m. It was lots of fun. Oh, and it's free !!!

I managed to finish up my latest work,

'Say Cheese', in time to get it to the post office for a postmark before the deadline passed. On Tuesday night I was sifting through a stack of papers and noticed the SAQA Call for Entries called Sense of Humor. In less than ten minutes I decided to try and make and finish the quilt before the end of the week. It went together very easily and there is a reason for that. I have already done a quilt similar to this five years ago for the Viking Challenge that was sold almost immediately after it was first hung in the show. I never got to enjoy it myself and wanted to do something like it again. I started cutting out strips last spring to make the bodies while I was at the Focus on Fiber Retreat in New Smyrna Beach, Florida last spring but that is as far as it got. Until this week, that is.

There is one major flaw in my entry. It's too wide. I marked off the design wall with the parameters of the size needed for the competition but somewhere along the line, the pin that I used to mark the width got moved (by me, of course). What was to be a width of 26 - 30 " is now 37". I have no idea whether these measurements are made in stone or more or less guidelines. I have always been a good little girl and followed the rules to the letter before. What actually kills me is that I didn't notice it getting bigger. These are all little quiltlets and I could have easily left out some or arranged them in a different manner to fit into the rules. Time will tell if it is a big deal, those seven inches, or not.

Here is a detail shot to show that there are quiltlets in the piece, which I happen to love, mostly because little parts are easy to quilt . I spaced the components to let a little of the background show through. Most of the quilting is stitch in the ditch. It was fun to step back and move the squares and rectangles all around to come up with what I thought was a pleasing design.
It's cold here today. Right now it's 42 and going up to a whopping 59. I will surely be passing out sweatshirts to my company!!!