Monday, January 26, 2009

This And That

When I completed my two leaves for The Tree they looked like it just wasn't enough to send so I decided to add a leaf that wasn't as time consuming. I chose just a flat leaf that fit the
5" wide by 7" long guideline, without all the bells and whistles that the first two had. I made three more in half the time that I made one of the first two. Now I have enough to confidently put them in an envelope and send them off to Alabama.
The card making fiasco is finally over. There is something about putting a photograph on a business card that really screws up the system. As it is, there are still two copies of one of the sheets of these
cards in my Outbox, trying to send to G's computer so I could print them out on his less finicky printer. This morning when I woke up I tried to print on my computer and as miracles do happen, the cards printed out without a hitch. The only thing I did differently was in the View folder I put Print Version rather than Normal. I didn't on the first set of cards that didn't have a photo and they printed perfectly, first time. Go figure. It's done and that's all I care about.
Every now and then, just like that guy that shows the old people on the morning show, compliments of Smuckers, I have to have a little baby fix. Check out this beauty, Kate. She is not yet a year old.
Neither is Master Will, but he does have a first birthday coming up in a couple months. He just makes you wanna smile, doesn't he?

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